Worst Car Modifications Ever


We buy cars because something about them speaks to our personalities. Our cars are little windows into our spirits – windows that give others a quick glimpse into who we are and what we value.

Unfortunately, some people modify their cars to the point where the only personality trait we see is a complete lack of common sense.

Some of the most pointless and all-out worst mods ever made to cars are:

LED ground effects

“Headlights aren’t good enough for me. In fact, I don’t just want to project light forward, I want to ride on a cushion of light… yeah, that would be cool….”

Umm, no, it isn’t. It just looks like you’re trying to impersonate a low-flying starship. It’s only okay if you’re on a mission to find the guy who invented these ground-effect lights and administer a very uncomfortable exam to him.

Wings and spoilers


Does high school teach nothing about aerodynamics these days? Probably not. Even if it did, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t stop kids from gluing what appear to be park benches to their trunks. Here’s a quick lesson: True spoilers and wings direct force downward at really high speeds. This helps keep tires stuck to the pavement. I’m talking really high speeds… speeds higher than your Civic or Camry is even capable of reaching. All your “wing” does is make it look like you don’t know anything about cars.

Exhaust systems on 4-banger imports

It’s really bad when the guy with the wing adds an exhaust system that makes his car sound like a weed wacker. Why would you want to accelerate away from a stop light only to sound like you’re doing yard work?

Rolls-Royce grille on a Beetle


At least you don’t see this one anymore. I’m just waiting for the day when I see a New Beetle rolling around with a Rolls-Royce grille.

Camo on a Bentley


This is what happens when rednecks get money.

Spinners (even worse are hub-cap spinners)

Spinners are so turn-of-the-century. The first time you saw them, they were a cool novelty. These days it’s like, “Okay, you’re stopped, and your wheels are still spinning. Got it. Glad you spent $2K each on a sight gag.”

The guys with hub-cap spinners… you almost have to feel sorry for them. At least they are disposable (the hubcaps).

And whatever this is…


Some guys make a choice in life: Pursue a love for R2D2, or meet girls. This guy went the droid route. Ouch.

Have you made any modifications to your car? What are some horrible ones you’ve seen?



  1. The thing i hate the most is those stupid stickers people put on there fuel filler door that is suposed to make it look like a racing filler.

  2. Yeah, ground effects and spoilers are some of the most pointless mods I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ve been looking into the effect of vehicle mods on resale values and it seems like the more pointless the mod (or the more impractical), the more it drags down the resale value. Pop those spoilers off and shut those lights down.

  3. The spoilers and exhausts are both so true. Has anyone seen someone put a spiler on the likes of a Corsa? Saxo? peugeot 106? all those little boy racer hatchbacks. The funny thing is, all boy racers have front wheel drive cars, why have a spoiler if you do not need rear wheel down force? not that a spoiler would even help if their hatchback was rear wheel drive anyway.

  4. Funny, here I was thinking the 3″ turbo-back stainless exhaust on my import 4-banger was reducing back-pressure and decreasing spool-up time… Guess I was wrong. Thanks, Car Gurus! I’m gonna go rip it off now and replace it with a 1″ mild steel crush bent drinking straw.

  5. Dude, you are so right. This kicks ass! The wings are the absolute worst mod ever made to a car. Park benches… haha.

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