Bugatti Galibier: Might as Well Cancel Frankfurt, We Have a Winner!


Just ahead of the official opening of the Frankfurt Auto Show, Bugatti has ripped the tablecloth from beneath the show’s place settings and unveiled a concept worthy of the auto world’s eternal gaze: the Galibier concept.

Bentley and Rolls-Royce: Take a look at these pictures, because this is how you design a super-luxury king-of-the-world ultracar.

This is the car Bugatti has teased and we knew as the Bordeaux. We were especially enamored with the eight tailpipes, but now those are more of an afterthought when compared to the reflective two-toned body this concept sports.

bugatti_galibier_conceptThat body, by the way, is an artful mix of carbon fiber and aluminum. Under the hood sits the teleporter known as the 8.0-liter W16 engine that produces 1,001 hp in the Veyron. The front-mounted engine won’t bring the Galibier to the same top speed as the Veyron, but it’ll still be good enough to top out at 217 mph, making it, Bugatti hopes, the fastest sedan on the planet.

Bugatti would like a production version of the Galibier ready for 2013, which gives me a good couple years to start saving. Normally we’d want your comments on this car in our comment section, but this time I think it would be better if you wrote your thoughts on the back of a $100 bill and sent them to me. I figure if just 10,000 of you send comments, I should be well on my way to Bugatti ownership.

What do you think of the Bugatti Galibier concept?


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