Volkswagen’s Quest for World Domination Continues

See any Volkswagen influence in the new Lamborghini Reventon Roadster? Neither do we.

See any Volkswagen influence in the new Lamborghini Reventon Roadster? Neither do we.

Who owns luxury carmaker Bentley?

Who owns Bugatti, the king of supercars?

Who owns the raging bull known as Lamborghini?

The answer is the same for all questions… it’s the same company that also owns AudiSkoda, Seat, commercial truck maker Scania, and of course, Volkswagen.

Yes, homely little Volkswagen, collectively known as Volkswagen Group, owns some of the most prestigious names in the auto world. Ten, to be exact, with Porsche being the company’s most recent acquisition.

We’ve mentioned before that VW wants to become the world’s largest automaker. Seems like that goal is still intact, as the company recently said it’s interested in acquiring two more brands, for a total of 12.

No word on what those brands might be, but I have to wonder if such a lofty goal is reasonable, considering the state of the auto world. Look at General Motors… it had to shed brands down to four, and now VW wants to increase to 12?

Maybe it’s a case of trying to get ahead while the industry is down. Whatever the reasons for VW’s strategy, it’s hard to argue with a company that’s having success with some of the most esteemed automotive brands in history.

So if VW does indeed have two more brands in its sights, you can bet your booty there will be more German takeovers in the foreseeable future.

What companies do you think VW could have its eye on? I think Suzuki is one possibility.



  1. Just to make you more aware on what you are writing about is the collection of compaines owned by Volkswagen is not called Volkwagen Group it call the Volkswagen Auto Group or VAG for short. One last thing is that the VAG did not purchase Porsche but in fact Porsche purchesed the controlling interest VAG to keep other auto comapnies form buying the VAG and dismanteling all but the most Elite of the VAG companies. please do better research before you post a story about the strongest and most valuable brand worldwide. Thank you form a longtime fan of VW.

  2. Your probably right with VW taking over why not. They are doing exactly what GM did 80 years ago and that worked untill Americans had to pay the sort of fuel prices the rest of us do. VW takes over brand names and customizes its range into the local product ie Seat Skoda Audi. All the super cars share running gear tech with each other and people love them and pay huge money its a successful business model that GM used for years. A range of products sharing common parts to reduce costs. Dont believe me? have a good look through your car IQ. GM is down to 4 well no they arent Holden is GM in Australia Daewoo is GM owned and 35% of Opel still give them access to european floorpans etc its really only the US divisions that went under and your carIQ sure shows why that happened.

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