Porsche Fans: Watch These!

You know, most car commercials are pretty predictable, not to say boring. So I found it kind of interesting that Porsche recently released some great footage of how a Panamera commercial was made. Particularly since the last Panamera commercial I saw was really blah. But the cars and the closeups in the videos below are fascinating.

According to PorschePurist.com,

The shoot used 16 cars from Jerry Seinfeld’s collection and another 15 more from the likes of Roger Penske, Brumos, Mat Drendel and others. While the commercial was filmed at a former Marine Air Base in El Toro, California, it will be altered to look [like] the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Now the cars are running, some 50 of them. I have to say the Panamera looks like it came from a different universe.

As a footnote, we should add that Avis locations throughout Germany are going to make the Panamera available for rental beginning October 1. Autoblog opines that the rates are “a surprisingly reasonable €189 per day from Monday to Thursday. If, on the other hand, you plan to hit the autobahn for a weekend getaway, the tariff goes up to a more Porsche typical €567.”

Wow, what a bargain: $835 a day to drive this machine. Pick up your phone and call Avis today! Would you do it if you had the bread?


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