Is this the End of Dodge Ram?

The Dodge logo is coming off!

The Dodge logo is coming off!

The shakeup of the world’s auto brands continues!

GM has dumped or is dumping Opel, Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac. Volkswagen has added Porsche and is considering buying part of Suzuki. Now comes this news:

Chrysler appears ready to turn the Ram nameplate into its own brand.

According to the well-informed folks over at Edmunds, Ram will be developed into a brand that sells pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and commercial vehicles. That in turn would leave Dodge open to evolve into an affordable performance brand.

A year ago I might have scoffed at such an idea. Now though it kind of makes sense, for these reasons: Chrysler is owned by Fiat. Fiat owns Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo makes great cars. And Alfa Romeos could become Dodges, thanks to the Italian ownership of Chrysler.

Separating the line of trucks from the line of sports cars seems like a good move, and Ram is a name that’s been around long enough to be able to stand on its own.

Alfa_Romeo_MitoIf this is a glimpse into the future of what Chrysler will become, I’m excited about it. How long have us Americans been asking for some European flair in our cars? A long time. And now it’s coming in the form of Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

I’m not a Dodge guy, and never have been, but put the Dodge logo on an Alfa MiTo, 159, Brera or 8C Spider and I’m all over it like hot butter on a dinner roll.

Is making Ram its own brand a good idea?


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