Best Buy Could Sell Electric Cars

Aptera 2E

Aptera 2E

Imagine heading to Best Buy and picking up a Blu-Ray DVD player, a 52″ LCD TV and a new electric vehicle.

At first it might seem crazy, but think about it for 30 seconds and you’ll realize that a large electronics box store selling the ultimate electronic appliance just makes sense. I mean, Best Buy sells washers and dryers so why not electric cars?

According to this, rumors persist that Best Buy will indeed make the jump into electric vehicles, which already sells electric bikes and scooters in Los Angeles.

Here’s what’s even cooler: the futuristic-looking Aptera 2E is featured in a Best Buy promo video here, raising the possibility that the Aptera folks and the Best Buy folks are busy creating an alliance. It’s certainly not a done deal, but the possibility of going somewhere other than a traditional car dealer to buy a new car could revolutionize how cars are sold.

I’d expect that if the rumor ever becomes true, Best Buy would need to invest in an entire maintenance system to keep new cars in good running order. Or even better, outfit the Geek Squad with the tools and knowledge to come to customers and make repairs without ever requiring a trip to the maintenance shop.

What do you think: is it a good idea for Best Buy to sell electric vehicles?


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