Cars Coming Soon–>Not the VW We Wanted, a Couple of Audis and a new… DeLorean!?


I have many fond memories of a Volkswagen Scirocco.

A friend had one in high school and we loved tooling around in that thing. Most of the time we ended up having to push it home, but when it ran we were in heaven. Since then, I’ve wondered if the day would ever come when I could drive a brand new Scirocco. Well guess what… that day won’t come. At least not anytime soon.

Not that it’s any consolation, but Volkswagen will produce an all new Beetle in two years. Yay. Another generation of high school girls driving around with daisies on their dashes.

vw_gti_emblemThere is some good news though for VW performance fans: the U.S. market will get a new version of the VW GTI. Called the GTI-R, here’s what the guys at Leftlane had to say about it:

the GTI-R will generate 265 horsepower, making it the most-powerful production Golf to date. Power will be sent to all four wheels.

GTI-R buyers will have the option of a conventional manual transmission or VW’s popular DSG semi-automatic unit. Swapping your own cogs will result in a 0-60 run of 5.7 seconds while the DSG gearbox drops that figure to just 5.5 seconds. Top speed will be electronically limited to 155mph. Fuel economy is still rather good for that kind of performance, netting a 27.6 mpg average.

As Volkswagen grows and buys up all the automakers it can find, it’s still making plenty of time to move Audi forward with plans for new smaller U.S. models in the coming years.

The A3 is due for a refresh for 2012 and could include a convertible, a crossover and a U.S.-only sedan. We could also see a smaller Q3 crossover by 2012.

While all of that is exciting (minus the new Beetle news), I also saw something completely non-VW related; and it could be the coolest automotive rumor of the year.

DeLorean (yup, the same DeLorean you remember) could rescue the Pontiac Solstice.

Evidently, the folks at Autoblog heard from the folks at Jalopnik who caught wind through Facebook (don’t you love how rumors start?) of the possibility that DeLorean Motor Company could buy the Solstice platform and manufacturing plant from GM, then start pumping out brand new DeLorean Solstices.

I’d totally buy one. But why stop there? If DMC is going to start buying up dead Pontiacs, lets see how the G8 GXP looks in that famous DMC gray!

I don’t know how serious DMC is about those plans or if the company even has the money to go through with them, but the possibility alone is tantalizing. And no, I’m not going to make a predictable flux capacitor joke. But feel free to make your own.

Which would you rather see in the U.S.: a DeLorean branded Solstice or an all-new VW Scirocco?


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  1. G8 isnt dead its alive and well and still selling. Its been a Holden Commodore for many years often Australias top selling car. It had a brief run badged as a Pontiac in 2 and 4door form and you guys loved it. But its built in Aussie not US.

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