Monday Morning Fun: What Car Would You Buy With My Money?


I’m going pretend today that I’m loaded. Not the kind of loaded that sometimes happens on a crazy Saturday night, but the kind of loaded that would allow me to give you money to buy a car.

Why would I do such a thing? Because I like cars. And I like you. And I’d like you to have the car you’ve always wanted. In fact, maybe instead of saying I’m just pretending, maybe it’s more like I’m planning ahead (hey, you never know).

So in my little fantasy world I have $100,000 that is yours; but the deal is you have to spend it all on a car. What are you going to buy?

You could buy new and pick up a screamin’ fast BMW M6 or Porsche 911. You might even be able to score a deal on a Maserati Quattroporte or Aston Martin V8 Vantage. You could go for a fully optioned Jaguar XK or a wildly customized Ford Mustang (Saleen Dark Horse, anyone?). The options are limitless.

I’d also have a rule that you can only buy one car. I wouldn’t want my money going towards something practical, like 5 Honda Fits.

You could look towards the used market though! A 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo could be in the running, as could an ’04 Ferrari 360 Modena (minus the girls, pictured above). Or maybe you skip the luxury/exotic thing altogether and go for something classic like this 1970 Dodge Challenger RT or this 1934 Ford Coupe.

What else in that price range would catch your eye? The floor is yours! Let’s hear what car you’d buy with my money.

Keep in mind though, you’d have to pay the insurance and any 5figure maintenance bills that Ferrari requires. Even in my fantasies, I’m not that loaded.



  1. 1932 – 1934 Packard Deluxe Eight convertible coupe. One of the few cars that will actually appreciate over the years.


  2. Travis if I had $100,000 of your money to run wild with I would have to go for a 2010 Lotus Elise. Not only is it a hot little car but it also has a 9% reduction in CO2 emissions and 31mpg. Fully loaded at a little more than 50 grand I’d get 2, one red and one black.

  3. Check out the Telsa. It may be the future for high end high performance cars.

  4. 2009 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Performance Plus. Either Iridium Silver or Black with a Black Interior. (Maybe Cashmere Beige with the Black). About $96,990. However, if I am older, a 2009 S550 Sport P2– Black with Cashmere/Savannah interior. About $99,100

  5. 2010 Cadillac XLR-V 105k But I Could Manage To Scrounge The Other 5 Plus Tax I Would Have To Be In Raven Black With The Ebony Interior

  6. @Martin
    Hate to say it MArtin but i doubt you could find a DB5 or Miura for less $100,000 or less. those cars are legends

  7. Since I’m on the verge of retirement, I’d love to get a nice motorhome. I really like to travel on the highways and I’d put it to good use. At my age, having a shiny, exotic mechanical pecker isn’t going to get girls like it used to and we old folks like our comfort instead. So I’ll take a warm lunch and hot cup of coffee (followed by a nap) in the parking lot at Mesa Verde over roasting the back of my neck in a mid-engine Ferrari.

  8. Can’t settle on only one. It’d had to be either the 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo black/yellow stripes. The 1995 Ferrari 355. 1969 Miura S. Aston V8 Vantage. Or Aston DB5

  9. easy, I’d get my favorite car as a kid: 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit. I’d prefer black with gold stripes.

    If it had to be new, I’d take the Aston Martin Raptide.

  10. I’d have to go with the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG with the AMG Performance Package. 2 Words…Pocket Rocket. Essentially a sedan that has the same practicality as a Honda Civic…but with a lot more grunt. Power, Panache, Beauty, its got it all. Then take what you have left and spend it on new rear tires!

  11. Just in case you ever do follow through… I’m in for that Ferrari if you can arrange the women to be delivered with it!

  12. Jaguar XFR in botanic metallic green. Interior – Ivory Softgrain leather seats and Warm Charcoal interior with Ivory contrast stitch and Jet Black Jaguar Suedecloth Premium Headlining. Veneer – Dark Mesh Aluminum. $97.000.

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