Great Cars in America That Europeans Can’t Buy


It’s common for car lovers in the U.S.A. to look across the Atlantic and wish some of those sexy European rides were available here.

We’re starting to get some, but I say it’s time to show some American pride. Let’s brag a little about the cars we have available to us that people in the UK can’t drive home from their neighborhood dealers.

Not surprisingly, most of the cars on this list are trucks and SUVs, but they’re cool. And Europe doesn’t have them. So there.

Ford Explorer and Expedition

Okay, I realize very few Americans even want these beasts anymore. Fourteen miles per gallon barely cuts it here, so Europeans are probably thanking the car gods that these guzzlers aren’t sold there. On the positive side, though, a brand-new four-cylinder Explorer is in the works, and guess who won’t get it?

Ford Mustang


I think Europeans would really like the Mustang. Rear-wheel drive, decent fuel economy, and good performance seem like a recipe the British would eat right up. This pony, though, remains missing from the stables of Euroropean Ford dealers.

Ford F-150 and SuperDuty


So what do British blokes who work construction drive? And what do retirees use to tow their 22,000-pound travel trailers? Just the Ford Transit Connect, I guess.

Chevy Silverado 1500

2009_Chevrolet_Silverado_LTZ_Extended Cab

What do European cowboys use to herd cattle on the ranch? I guess “Like a Rock” means nothing to them.

Toyota Tundra


Remember the Tundra commercials where the truck pulls 10,000 pounds up a see-saw ramp and then stops the massive load coming down on the other side? Yeah. Let’s see our European friends do that in their Toyota Hilux.

Honda Ridgeline


Umm… nevermind. The Ridgeline is ugly and doesn’t do the things a real pickup is supposed to do. It’s not anything to brag about, unless haul you a lot of lawn clippings. Regardless, it’s available here and not there, so I included it.



Whether you love or hate Acura’s new design is a debate for U.S. buyers only, because Honda’s luxury brand isn’t available in Europe. Pick yourself up an MDX or RL and cruise around knowing you’re in a car Europeans can’t touch.

Lexus SC, GX and LX


Toyota makes a few hybrid and diesel Lexus models available on the other side of the Atlantic, but only Americans can plant their seats in a sporty SC or giant GX or LX SUV.

Europeans: Are there are any U.S. cars you’d like to see at home? Americans: Anything else you are proud to have available here?



  1. @ ParadoxEquation
    Australia has more land than the US and do they buy your shitbox pickups….NO every time Ford or GM put those dungers on the market sales were abysmal F100 were even built in OZ They fall to pieces on rough roads guzzle gas have zero load capacity and are appalling to drive especially on very long trips.

  2. Trucks are very tough and last a very long time, longer than cars. That’s why they keep their value so well. It’s not America’s fault that Europeans seemingly haven’t widened their roads since the 1700s and consequently have to cram their citizens into little cars that can accommodate their lack of space.

    Criticizing the United States for having so much beautiful space doesn’t seem fitting. Having a hardy, tough, long lasting vehicle that can take abuse and get out of messy situations is sometimes necessary in the U.S. That does seem fitting with the American spirit.

    I’ll forgo posting the link to every American car manufacturers’ websites. You’ll just have to research all of the cars small enough, peppy enough, well handling, and with good gas mileage for yourself. Only about 5% of American vehicles have been mentioned in these posts so far. I would say about 10% of U.S. cars (none of which have been mentioned here yet) would be very welcome and appreciated in Europe.

    I would suggest the next article of this kind to set minimum/maximum requirements for size, handling, power-to-weight ratio, and mpg. There are plenty of U.S. cars that meet these requirements.

  3. Alright Mister Canuck, where do your favorite movies come from? Is it Hollywood or DO YOU PREFER French movies, with CANUCK subtitles?

  4. Canadians don’t want your over-sized gas guzzling American junk either! We love Honda’s, build their motors here in Ontario with good, lean, drug free, alcohol free, totally Healthy folk, that do a damn good job! We also build Toyota’s here! Top quality Toyota’s We buy them too! Over Camero, Mustangs, Dodge Challengers, Jeeps, Cadillacs, or what-ever crap American’s design! We try to live modest, sustainable lives, and although we have as much oil in our Tar Sands as all Saudi Arabia, or more, we remain conservative and use only what we need to live good, decent, law abiding, sustainable lives – in sustainable fashion – few “American Dreamers” here! With smaller, fuel efficient cars, in a country much bigger than the U.S.A., because we are all very well educated, not assholes that go for the glitter, and stuff our faces with ground meat like there is no tomorrow, bomb the fvck out of our neighbors for oil, and greedy to the end of time! We are conservative, intelligent, clean living, folk and our Universal Medical Care is World Renowned as the very best! – We take care of our own! We also use Ubuntu and have a social democracy in control, and can easily boot out bums in government at the drop of a hat in need be – thanks to the balance of power created by the Bloc Qebecois! We don’t need Yankee Doodle Crap Cars at all! GM(America) took our Chev Pick up truck plant away from our Oshawa Ontario workers and Toyota sales bounced straight up! Tundra here we come! We play hard ball sometimes with Yankee Doodle Dandy, but to toughen him up we are teaching him the Canadian way! Hockey! It may redeem him in time, we hope, but just in case, Asian engineers are welcome here and so is their fine work, clean business dealing and good faith! American cars, Indeed!

  5. You call yourself a Car Guru? You suck! This article is worthless! Thumbs down, buddy!

  6. pick up trucks just suck overall, and people outside of the US have no need for them. Mustangs are for sale in Europe, and Acuras and Lexus’s are sold all over the world under their parent companies, Honda and Toyota respectively

  7. We (U.S.A.) have the worst cars on the planet. Period. Nobody wants them. The American companies don’t ship their cars over there because they wouldn’t fit on the smaller European streets. And because only Americans with product loyalty would buy these heaps of crap.

  8. Sorry author, I have to agree with these guys. Brits don’t want any of those(except for mmaayyybe the acura, but that is a stretch. Mustang, solid axle…wtf ford. Big trucks, good luck getting around and parking anywhere but the country. lexus models, most americans don’t want those cookie cutter shoebox ‘luxury cars’. Explorer falls into a similar category.

    Now they have lots of things we would like…M3 CSL, focus RS, lots of other performance models of cars we ‘have. Actually for that matter how about giving us the 2nd gen focus platform already!! While I don’t think they will sell amazingly well, I think we do need more A-C car segment options, especially ones that don’t suck.

  9. Tis list shows why the American car industry imploded All the crap on this list is made by global companies and they arent stupid enough to market rubbish like the outside the US again. THe Mustang looks ok but thats all a Ford Falcon V8 is faster and corners too unlike Mustang. WE got a utility range from Ford GM that light years ahead of f seriies chev rubbish you cant get those you got a sniff with the Pontiac G8 but no more. Acura ha ha you can get Hondas anywhere like Infiniti just a method of getting around import restrictions. Keep your crap noone else wants it.

  10. This is a list that should be renamed cars that “Europeans don”t want”. Europeans have no need for Ford Explorers or Pickup trucks. Just look at this list apart from the ancient Mustang there is nothing automotively lustful on here. The desire factor of the cars represented here is on the same level of kissing one’s sister. The performance and excitability quotient of these cars are mundane and boring. Except for the Mustang which can have it’s innards turned out by the Euro market only Focus RS. So what again is the point of this list?

    If we began to look at the cars that are offered across the pond we would be in a fit of wanton jealously.

  11. Oh jeeze, the Mustang has a solid rear axle which Euros find endlessly funny. They have no need or interest in anything else on that list.

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