Crazy Racers: A Bright Spot in the World of Facebook Apps


I haven’t been on Facebook long, but I’ve been there long enough to already despise invites and updates on things like Mafia Wars, Gangsta Life, Horse Head in the Bed, and whatever other mob-inspired games are out there.

I’m already sick of them and think someone needs to order a hit on them all.

This is why I surprised even myself when I was sucked into a friend’s post about something called Crazy Racers. I think the whacked-out Taxi is what grabbed my attention. Whatever the reason, it was only about 30 seconds after that first click that I was racing my new Clown Car against that old Taxi in an ice race. And I won! And I wanted more.

Crazy Racers is the latest game offered by Car IQ on Facebook, a fast-growing car community created by the folks at CarGurus.

TAXIJust log on, pick a car (you can choose between a tank, an ice cream truck, a school bus, and more) and challenge your friends. Or me. When your challenge is accepted, you’ll compete in either a drag race, a demolition derby, a cannonball run, or an ice race. Then take your prize money (called “carsh”) and buy upgradesTANK until your car is nearly unbeatable! It’s simple, addictive, and most of all, fun.

The Car IQ community is great because it’s built around people who love cars. They share pictures of their cars, review cars they’ve driven, and can even create virtual garages and fill them with every dream car imaginable. Have a question about a car? Submit it to an expert and join the nearly 20,000 folks who have already gotten answers on everything from what year Civic to buy to why a Mitsubishi doesn’t run.

Then there’s the Car IQ game itself, another addictive game in which you try to identify cars by year, make, and model. It’s harder than you’d think, especially as you move up in the game. You can even add pictures of your own cars to the quiz, too, just by uploading some to your garage. Of course, that means sometimes a car can be mislabeled (apparently some people don’t know the difference between a Dodge Charger and a Challenger), so if you see a mislabeled car, there’s a link you can use to report it.

For someone who loves cars, the Car IQ community and the new Crazy Racers game have been a blessing in an online world currently controlled by the mafia. Maybe we can call work together to run the mob down with our cars, then challenge them to a Crazy Race.

Who’s gonna challenge me to a Crazy Race? See if you can beat me and my upgraded Clown Car! Find me on Facebook here.


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