Blowing Up a Phantom for Phun

Stretched Rolls-Royce Phantom, by Mutec

Here’s a video that tickles my heart: blasting and bombing an armored Rolls-Royce Phantom, presumably to show off its staying power in the face of an assault. Not that all Rollses should be bombed, but if you’re going to spend scads of money on protection, it’s not unwise to want some proof. A German company, Mutec, makes luxury armored vehicles like this one, and a stretched Phantom like the one above.

Anyhow, we found the video on Carscoop, which got it from Autoblog Español, which is not inappropriate, since some customers for the Mutec Rolls may well come from Latin America, where there are plenty of armored vehicles.

About ten years ago, yours truly was part of an NGO group that visited Mexico City and held meetings with Various Important Persons, both U.S. and Mexican, including an audience with Vincente Fox shortly before he became president. We were shuttled around in armored GMC Suburbans built, I think, by Kroll-O’Gara, a company like Mutec that constructed a lot of these tanks. Outwardly, the cars looked like ordinary Suburbans, but they were a good deal smaller on the inside.

Ever since, I’ve wondered what it would take to blow one up. Well, now we know: At least with a Rolls, you can’t do it with ordinary means. Although the bombs did look kind of puny, didn’t they?

If anybody knows more about how personal armored vehicles are constructed, and by whom, please post a comment.


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  1. Wow, jgoods, those bombs look puny to you? I’m thinking my Suzuki would be in a million little pieces after that a bomb like that! Cool vid, thanks.

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