The Curse of the Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg CCX Crashed

Another one has crashed. Yup, one of the world’s fastest, most exclusive sports cars, the Koenigsegg CCX, bit the dust, this time driven by a New York dealer who apparently was racing a Porsche 911 GT2, hit a guardrail, and damaged the Porsche as well. No word yet on what the owner of the car had to say.

There are only 10 Koenigsegg CCXs in North America out of 25 produced for the world. The price I see most frequently quoted is $545,568. There have been at least three crashes now, as I count them. Besides this one, Norwegian millionaire Tommy Sharif gave us a fabulous example of how not to drive a high-powered car in the video below.

Mr. Sharif returned the car, says MotorAuthority, and it was then sold to another owner who “ended up crashing the car within 18 hours of taking delivery”—into a garbage truck, no less. Earlier, in May 2007, a Koenigsegg engineer put the biofuel-powered CCXR into a ditch and really messed up the world’s first green supercar.

Clearly, the car is too hot to handle, at least for most mortals, and that’s a shame, because it is truly state-of-the-art in design and performance. The standard-bearer CCX, for instance, will do 0-100 km/h (0-62 mp/h) in 3.2 seconds, 0-300-0 km/h in 29.2 seconds. Its top speed is 395+ km/h (245+ mph), and it will come to a stop from 100 km/h in 32 meters. Incredible. These figures are from the factory website, which has lots of interesting info and some history.

And yes, Koenigsegg is the same group that wants to buy Saab from GM. Yesterday the European Investment Bank approved a €400 million loan, with possibly more loans to come from the Swedish government, thus bringing the deal close to fruition. Let’s hope a little of this money can be used for better owner-driver education programs.

Koenigsegg has shown that it can go toe-to-toe with Lamborghini, Ferrari, et al. Is there some reason why drivers keep crashing its cars?



  1. Funny, I don’t remember hearing about a woman crashing one of these exotic cars. That’s probably because in reality, they are penis extensions for the male owners, and the concept has gone so far out of control that they are so powerful and overstated that they are no longer functional in any real sense of the world. The nice thing is that we can watch these bone heads crash cars that represent a lifetime of income for the typical worker. On the negative side, the people who make these cars are producing caricatures that have so much horsepower that they can’t even win a street race with a stock Porsche. Pitiful.

  2. Because Koenigsegg’s cars have something that no other car, no matter how fast or expensive it may be, has and that is brutal naked fear.

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