A New 928—We Hope!

New Porsche 928

We’re seeing some interesting renderings of what purports to be the new Porsche 928. The car is presumed to be built on a shortened Panamera platform, giving the company another way to spread development costs and expand its range of offerings. The Panamera is supposedly in line for a gas-electric hybrid version to debut next year in Europe, and the sportier 928 could potentially use that powertrain too. Pricewise, it will come between the Panamera and the 911.

Other details from Auto Express:

The engine line-up will mirror that of the Panamera, so a 4.8-litre V8, with or without a turbocharger, producing 500bhp or 400bhp, will be available. The naturally aspirated variant is set to come with four or rear-wheel drive, while the range-topping turbo model will be 4WD only.

At this stage, much of what we hear is speculative, but the car does seem likely to be built, and the renderings look good. The 928 would basically fit into the Volkswagen-Porsche development plan tgriffith outlined recently. For a rear view, click on “Pictures” here.

1995 Porsche 928 GTS

1995 Porsche 928 GTS

For those of you too young to remember, the original 928 broke the rear-engine mold for Porsche and became (after the horrible 924) its first front-engine, water-cooled grand touring car. Built from 1977-1995, the car had lots of interesting tech features, including a rear-mounted transaxle, and I desperately wanted but could not afford one.

I still can’t afford one, but Porsche could be making a very smart move in bringing back the iconic 928. Until you get into the rarefied Ferrari-Aston Martin territory, the grand touring market is wide open.

Porsche’s development plans seem to make sense, at least so far. Do you foresee any roadblocks ahead as VW absorbs the company?



  1. Oh YUM I really like the looks of this one as well as the Panamera. I’ve been hoping for a new 928

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