Where Will You Find a Parade of 100 Ferraris?

2009 Ferrari California

2009 Ferrari California

I’m a little jealous today of people in the UAE.

Normally, I count my blessings to live somewhere that never sees 120-degree days. Occasionally, though, it would be nice to experience something a little more exotic.

Take parades, for instance. In my city, the only parades we see consist of second-rate high school marching bands. Sometimes those parades include an “exotic” car, something like a 1987 Corvette. I can only dream of what a parade of over 100 Ferraris might look and sound like.

For those living in Dubai, though, a Ferrari parade is exactly what happened as part of the inaugural festivities of the city’s new (and world’s largest) Ferrari dealer. The Italian supercars wound through the streets of the UAE and ended up at the new Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Lucky for us Ferrari-deprived Americans, the cameras were rolling and captured nearly 10 minutes of exotic car heaven. Check it out:

According to TopSpeed,

Among those participating in the parade included no less than some of the most important and influential personalities in Ferrari, including company chairman Luca Di Montezemolo, seven-time F1 champion, Michael Schumacher, current Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, and Giancarlo Fisichella, and the region’s ambassador to Italy, Claudio Doniosi.

That’s a pretty distinguished list of paraders… one I’d take over a marching band any day. Even if that day was 120 degrees.

Did anyone in the Dubai area see the convoy of Ferraris? If you could see 100 versions of any kind of car in a parade, what would you choose?


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