Get a Cool Toy Camaro, Help a Charity and Have a Free Pizza

Papa Johns Camaro

I think weekend nights were invented purely for the consumption of pizza. Ordering in a made-to-order pie is the perfect way to enjoy a lazy evening.

So last night, as I was browsing the inventory at Papa John’s, I was delighted to see a die-cast replica of founder John Schnatter’s 1971 Camaro Z28. Schnatter sold the car back in the ’80s to raise money for his business. Earlier this year he paid about $250,000 to get his car back, then celebrated by giving out free pizza to other Camaro owners.

The toy car is being sold through Papa John’s. I wouldn’t mention it if Schnatter was pocketing all the cash to pay himself back the quarter million, but he’s donating one dollar from each $4.99 sale to the Marine’s Toys For Tots program. And each car comes with a coupon for a free medium cheese pizza.

Schnatter is obviously a man who loves cars and pizza, and by donating 5,000 of the toy Camaros directly to Toys For Tots, he also likes helping children at the holidays. Sounds like a class act to me.

All in all, it seems like a great way to kick off the holiday season, provide some hope to children who need it and enjoy some hot pizza at home with family and friends.

If you know of any other car-related ways of helping out a charity, drop us a comment!


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