Prediction: Escalade Sales Will Zoom After Tiger’s Misadventure

2009 Escalade

I mean the guy crashed into a fire hydrant and tree to the tune of an estimated $8,000 damage and emerged scratched, bruised, and semi-conscious after his wife allegedly tried to whack him with a golf club. But he was protected by his car. And he didn’t have to call OnStar! It may well be that this debacle sells more cars for GM than all of Tiger’s ads for Buick did.

For all the nasty things tgriffith and I have said about it, the Escalade holds up well in a crash, though repairs will be costly. Pictures of Tiger’s car are here. For a vehicle that can price out at over $75 grand, you would expect some protection. The fact is that people who buy this 6,000-pounder tend to love it, as our reviews show. One called it the “best family car ever made,” even if your family, like Tiger’s, is apparently under stress.

The Escalade typifies the excess that many people with money expect and want in a car: power, luxury (of a sort), heft, and appearance. I don’t see that segment of the market changing any time soon, even though sales of the hybrid version seem to be picking up. Tiger’s crash will give the car even more status with this group and can’t help but boost sales. After all, the titillating elements of the story and the fact that police are still seeking a warrant will keep the spotlight on the Escalade—at least for a few more days.

Do you think Escalade sales will escalate in the next weeks? Will Tiger’s debacle be the main factor?


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