Ram Makes the Most Boring TV Ad Ever

I always thought the crown for producing the most boring TV ad ever would go to a company that makes cheese or the plastic things that go on the tips of shoelaces.

I would never have expected an ad from a heavy-duty truck maker to take the title.

Chrysler has been running a new Ram campaign with a TV ad that… well… I don’t know the full details of it, because I keep falling asleep. In the testosterone-driven full-size heavy-duty truck segment, the new Ram ad is a better fit for sleepy yoga studios or playing at nap time in preschools. Check it out, but set your alarm first:

Here’s what I got out of the ad: The new Ram doesn’t downshift, it’s tank is full of something, and if I want a serious work truck, I should buy a Ford.

What is Chrysler thinking with this? We’re used to seeing truck ads that show a heavy payload being dropped into the bed by giant cranes. Images of pretty sunsets combined with a voiceover that sounds like its from a self-help audio book are not going to sell pickups. At least, it won’t sell Ram pickups. Ford, Chevy, and Toyota are looking pretty good after this marketing effort! I think I’ll go buy one. Right after my nap.

What do you think of the new Ram ad?


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