The Most Collectible Vehicle of 2009: Ford Flex


When I think about what vehicles from the 2009 model year will end up as the collectibles of tomorrow, the Ford Flex isn’t high on my list.

I’d wager on cars that are most likely to either go extinct or be remembered as a sign of the times they were built in. That’s two classes of cars, in my mind: high-powered muscle/sports cars or full-size extravagant SUVs.

The folks at the National Automotive History Collection (NAHC) have a very different opinion, naming the 2009 Ford Flex as the year’s “Most Collectible” American auto. Granted, the Flex has some groundbreaking features, including an untested body style and loads of new features. If those don’t catch on and the Flex sees only a couple years of production, the NAHC might end up being right. But this is the same organization that named the Chrysler Sebring Convertible the most collectible car of 1996. So there’s one credibility strike.

I’m not saying the Flex isn’t a good car. In fact, I think it’s a great car, a wonderful example of a quality crossover that can haul a family and get good gas mileage. I hope that’s the future of cars… not a collectible remembrance of the past.

According to the press release from Ford, Charles K. Hyde, chairman of the NAHC Board of Trustees, said,

This selection is unique among all the ‘Vehicle of the Year’ awards, because it is selected by car buffs who know what future collectors will value. We asked our members to predict which of this year’s new vehicles will turn heads in the Woodward Cruise of 2034.

Hmm. I wonder how those car buffs are enjoying the value of their 1996 Sebring and 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora, both previous winners.

I think the NAHC should have looked at the 2009 Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator as potential collectibles. Those are sure to be remembered as the ridiculous land yachts of the 2000s. Or the new muscle-car class, maybe a rare Ford Shelby GT500, Chevy Camaro SS, or even a Cadillac CTS-V.

My money is on a car like one of those being worth far more in 2034 than a Ford Flex.

Do you agree with the NAHC’s decision to name the Ford Flex 2009’s Most Collectible Car, or would one like the CTS-V make more sense?


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  1. With it’s combination of luxury and performance there are many who consider the 2009 CTS-V the best american car ever made (including the team at Car and Driver). I can drop the kids off at school, take the back way to work and exercise the 556 horses (0-60 in 4), then take the CEO to lunch.

    Sorry Flex – you’re comfy and look, um, interesting? But more of a sideshow then triumph.

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