How To Make Semi Trucks Invisible

truck projector

First, let’s start with a problem: You are cruising a two-lane highway, and temporarily get stuck behind a slow-moving Peterbilt. All you can see is the dirty white slab of the rear doors, and since you can’t see anything that lies ahead, you are forced to simply keep following the truck until there’s an opportunity to pass.

Well, now there might be a solution to this common highway hazard, although I think it’s a solution that would just end up causing more accidents.

Russian design company Art Lebedev Studio says the solution is a new invention it calls Transparentius. Here’s how Engadget describes it:

You jack a camera onto the front of a truck, or lorry as they’re known in some places, and then project that image onto the back of your hulking transporter. The effect of this is to render the truck figuratively transparent for the driver behind, who is enriched with a lot more information about what lies on the road ahead.

Nothing can go wrong with that, right?

Aside from the obvious problems of how to get an image projected onto the rear of a truck while overcoming sun glare and a mud-caked exterior, there’s the whole driver-distraction issue. Assuming this actually worked, I foresee a heck of a lot of drivers rear-ending trucks because they’re too busy looking at the upcoming scenery rather than the brake lights.

I guess I see the general point behind the idea, but I still think it’s a horrible one. We might as well project advertisements or short films onto the back of semi trucks. I think a much safer solution to the problem of not being able to see through trucks is to simply not tailgate them. The further back we are from trucks, the better we can see around them.

Is projecting an image of what lies ahead on the rear end of semi trucks a good idea for safety, or would it just be distracting?


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