To Grandmother’s House We Go: The Best Ways to Get There

Ahhh… the holidays are here. For many of us, that means embarking on road trips. Some of us pile into the family car for a drive to Grandma’s, others are taking a road trip with a new sweetie to meet the family, and some are just jetting out of town to escape all the craziness (not to mention the snow).

Whatever your destination, there are perfect vehicles to match your destination and situation. Read on to find yours!

The Family Minivan

Put on your best Norwegian sweater, plaster a Smilin’ Bob grin on your face, stack the wrapped gifts in the back of your Chrysler Town & Country, and demand that the family have fun! Make sure you stick to your prearranged schedule, though, and never drive faster than 65 mph.

The Family SUV

If you don’t have a Norwegian sweater, you probably don’t have a minivan, either. In that case, lift the family into the Toyota Sequoia and hit the road! Don’t worry about snow tires. You have 4WD! In fact, you might want to take some back roads, just because they’ll be less crowded.

The Family Econobox

You travel small, and you travel light. In fact, you don’t even have to load the storage space in your Honda Fit with gifts, you just have to make sure you remembered all your plastic gift cards and the envelopes that go with them. Secure them all in the glove box and hit the highway knowing you’re cramped, but won’t be stopping at gas stations.

The Single Guy’s Proof of Success

Even if you’re not successful, you want your family to think you are. In that case, spare no expense to roll up in a car that says “I made it.” In most cases, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class will serve nicely. In extreme cases, you’ll need to step up to an Aston Martin. Buy, rent, borrow… just don’t steal. Even if your priest is Tim Jones.

The Single Girl’s First Car

One of the best ways to come home after some time away is with a brand new car you bought all by yourself. Never tell dad what you paid for your new Audi A4… just tell him you negotiated the deal of a lifetime. He’ll be so proud!

The New Couple’s Crazy Road Trip

Settle your nerves before meeting your significant other’s family for the first time by getting all crazy on the drive there. Bring the iPod, turn up the volume, and sing to each other while secretly hoping a freak blizzard forces you park the Mustang and shack up in a roadside motel, instead of driving through to the future in-laws’ place.

The Empty Nester Couple’s Splurge

If the kids are finally out of the house and spending Christmas with their spouse’s families, go ahead and buy that Cadillac CTS-V, and go crash their parties! You’ll forever be known as the cool parents. Promise.

The Snowstorm Stopper

If you’re driving from Rochester to Boston and you’re worried about actually making it before three more feet of snow pile up, just bring the Hummer H2. Heck, gas is cheap, and the snow is deep, so why not drive the vehicle that’s made for situations like this?

The Arizona to Palm Springs Road Trip

You are my kind of people. For whatever reason, this year you want to keep things quiet with your sweetie and avoid snow at all costs. Do it in style: Take a topless BMW Z4 into the Southern California desert and make it your playground!

Happy Holidays to all!


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