Best-Forgotten Car Events of 2009

Here are some happenings in the auto world that many of us wish hadn’t happened. The reason for listing them is to learn what not to repeat in 2010. I list them in no particular order, and I’m sure you will discover some that I’ve forgotten. Please add them in a comment. And, oh yes, Happy New Year.


Car Companies

  • Chrysler going broke
  • GM going broke
  • GMAC getting pumped up with continual infusions of federal money
  • Saab being sold, then not sold, then maybe sold
  • Penske and Saturn


  • Polls on texting while driving
  • Tiger Woods’ accident
  • Hydrogen power
  • Toyota floormats and sudden acceleration issues
  • Cash for Clunkers

The new year has got to be better. Tell us why in a comment.



  1. You know, i really like Acura grills. I think most people who don’t like them have never really seen them. Of course, I’m rather young and I guess these cars are more directed at richer versions of me. But I really like them! Go check them out at a showroom!
    And you need to add the emergence of the “humpback” to that! The X6, 5 series GT, ZDX, Panamera, A7 (next year)with the accord crosstour!

    Concering the humpbacks, my dad had to buy a new car around that price range (in Europe) and the cars I considered for him were the Audi A5 sportback, the GT, the X6 and even the Panamera. Honestly, I LOVE those cars. I LOVE fastback roofs, I find them even more sexy than coupes. In the end, he went for the A5 sportback, which is a VERY nice car and it gets 40mpg + with the european diesel engines!!!! :)

  2. What’s wrong with Audi and Acura grilles? It’s Volvos’ new grille you have to worry about, with that big ugly frumpy circular logo. How can anyone take that seriously?

  3. whats wrong with the mustang, camaro, and challenger? And the new Taurus Sho kicks ass (Ive driven one)

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