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The Nissan Juke should resemble the Qazana concept

Nissan has an ambitious plan for 2010, promising 12 product launches in the next 12 months.

An average of one new vehicle per month! Are you kidding me, who does that?

I have to hand it to Nissan for looking into the face of the recession and opting to produce vehicles it thinks will sell, rather than scaling back production and waiting until the storm passes. That’s admirable, and I think it will work. Here’s a look at what the Japanese automaker has planned:

Most surprising is news that the Nissan Juke will indeed make it the States. The Juke, a crossover smaller than the Nissan Rogue, is based on the whacked-out Qazana concept. We previewed the Qazana in December and didn’t think there was much chance of it arriving in the States. Guess we got… juked.

Carlos Tavares, chairman of Nissan Americas, said,

We are doing so well with the Rogue that there is no reason to think we won’t do better with the addition of a smaller crossover.

Yeah, maybe. The fact that the Juke looks like it could be dropped onto the moon to bounce around for a while might hold some buyers back. The image above is the concept version, so the production version could change and will probably be dialed down a little. Let’s hope so, anyway.

Other product launches from Nissan this year should include:

I’m not sure about the QX56 idea… I’m thinking the hulking SUV is better off dead and find it ironic that Nissan is touting it along side the Leaf. Talk about different target markets!

I’m most excited about that special-edition Z and a new Infiniti M. What’s catching your eye, the Juke?


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