Toyota MR2 Breathes Again—Maybe

This time it’s a hybrid, all-wheel drive, 400-hp concept that has been revealed in Japan. This, according to Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s partner that brought you another concept we reported on last Friday, the FT-86 G. Say what you will, the Big T is stepping out with performance concepts, and they look to be terrific.

The MR2 Concept has been testing for some time, we think, but some details were just released: A 3.3-liter V6 drives the rear wheels through a paddle-shifted CVT, with an electric motor powering the front wheels. Combined ouput of both systems is supposed to be 400 hp. With the car weighing in at around 2,866 lbs, you can expect some extraordinary performance. Leftlane estimates 0-60 mph in under 4.5 seconds.

2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder

As one of the most beloved mid-engined sports cars, the original MR2 was around for three generations: from 1984 to 2007 (2005 in the U.S.). It endeared itself to many as an example of what a classic, light, great-handling sports car could be. Yeah, some complained that it looked (in the Spyder version) like a scaled-down Boxster; others thought Version II stole from Ferrari. So what?

Will the MR2 Sports Hybrid go into production? you ask. Autoblog says, “no chance,” though on what basis they state that is unclear. Worldcarfans has a different take:

While nothing is official, Autocar is reporting Toyota may be working on a production sports car with a similar hybrid system. Intended to rival the Honda CR-Z, the unnamed vehicle could go on sale as early as 2011.

As sometimes happens in the blogworld, you don’t know who to believe. Except us!

Do you think this is a worthy successor to the MR2? Do we really need a hybrid version? Drop us a comment.



  1. Yeah….dont really need to have another AWD grass-eater on the roads, least of all in a sports car.

    Still looks VERY MR-S-like… Would hope there was more depth in the styling department.

    If it had its 400HP, and was dedicated RWD, then it’d be viable ;)

  2. If this car went into production, the Honda CR-Z would become old news, really quick.

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