Bugatti and Subaru Featured in Two Really Dumb Car Videos

In case you missed it, we want to show you Conan O’Brien recently laughing about milking NBC for “crazy-expensive” comedy bits that really aren’t funny. [Audience goes wild.] So, he says, let’s “say hello to our new Tonight Show character, the Bugatti Veyron Mouse!” [Audience goes wilder.]

The Veyron costs a minimum of $1.5 million, and its per-year operating costs rival that of a private jet. If anyone believes that NBC is going to fork over that kind of money for a stage prop, well, I’ve got a used Veyron I’d like to sell you (see link at end). Unless they are kidding us, Billboard even fell for the gag. It seems to be a clear example of the kind of product placement that our sharp investigative reporter tgriffith discussed recently. Which means Bugatti likely paid NBC plenty for the Conan shot, not the reverse!

As a footnote to the Veyron follies, you may want to watch another video, this showing a Bugatti being pulled out of a salt marsh near Galveston. The note says, “The driver was distracted by a low flying pelican and dropped his cell phone.” Perhaps this is the car that was dressed up for the Conan show.

Another moment of madness occurred last New Year’s Eve, as X-Gamer and stuntman Travis Pastrana drove his Subaru Impreza WRX STi through the air in a record-breaking jump over Long Beach Harbor. This clown not only zoomed 269 feet through empty space, he did a backflip into the water after landing successfully. [Crowd goes wild.] No word on how much damage the car sustained.

Really, this jump says more about the Subaru than the mighty Pastrana, who, like Red Bull, just went along for the ride. The new WRX STi R205 promises to be a truly great rally car, another in the long line of Impreza variants, which I’ll bet features some of the tweaks and goodies the Pastrana car had. Check it out here.

Give us your verdict on which of these videos is more ridiculous: Conan and the mouse car or Pastrana over the water?


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  1. FWIW, I wouldn’t call a clip with a stationary, non-running car that’s wearing make-up a car video, but I’ll also be pretty disappointed in Conan O’Brien if it turns out he’s portraying a stunt that made him or the network a bunch of money, as a “crazy-expensive” way for him to exit NBC. MotorCrave says he actually borrowed the Veyron from the Peterson Automotive Museum and that’s it’s now worth even more money because it was on TV. Wonder if he’ll get a piece of that:

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