Silly Car Videos to Watch This Weekend

A few days ago, our New York spies learned that P. Diddy Combs, rich rapper extraordinaire, gave his son a $360,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday. Because Justin is still learning to drive, the car comes complete with chauffeur. Justin is supposed to be a pretty cool kid, and during the partying at M2 he “reportedly sat on a jewel-encrusted throne.” Diddy-bop.

And now, to the videos. In Chile, a super-competent road crew set an overturned stone truck upright. However, they neglected to notice the engine was still running and in gear, so the truck took off on its own. Watch the elegant crowd control and fabulous camera work after the jump. Just another slice of everyday life in Latin America.

The SsangYong Rodius, a new South Korean SUV, has been called a “total aesthetic disaster,” a car that “would make even an Aztek owner recoil in horror.” So it is only fitting that the company would create an equally tasteless and overwrought commercial. This shows the car parting the waters, as in the Bible, to the accompaniment of Korean voices over Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

Finally, TopGear shows us the world’s narrowest garage, as an older gent, apparently Belgian, narrates and demonstrates how he parks his Fiat Panda and enters directly into his living room. (You can watch that video with English subtitles on YouTube, but they won’t work in the version I embedded here.)

Let us know whether you actually laughed out loud at these. I think the narrowest garage may be destined to become a classic.


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  1. I’m loving that tight garage video. Just get out of your car and end up in the living room. ha!

  2. That maybach looks like a hyundai right? whatever makes us spawn of mere mortals feel better.

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