Super Bowl Car Ads: Which Was Your Favorite?

Which was better yesterday: Super Bowl XXLIV or the commercials? I think the ad agencies mostly let us down this year, with the exception of a few nuggets here and there, most notably when David Letterman and Jay Leno shared the couch with Oprah in the “worst Super Bowl party ever” spot.

But what about the car ads? Brett Favre stole the show here for Hyundai as he pondered retirement in 2020 (which is also how long your new Hyundai’s warranty will last).

Honda was the worst, featuring a commercial that was actually uglier than the Crosstour it was trying to sell.

Which car ad was your favorite? Continue reading to watch ’em all, then vote for your favorite (or tear apart your least fave) in the comment section.

Hyundai: Painted Hyundai

Hyundai: 10 Years Strong (Featuring Brett Favre)

Dodge Charger: Man’s Last Stand

Volkswagen: PunchDub

Kia: Sock Monkey Goes to Vegas

Audi: Green Car

Honda: Crosstour

Let’s have it… which of these did you love, and which did you hate?


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  1. I was very unimpressed with all the car commercials and all the other commercials as well. I usually mute them when watching TV, but left them on during the Super Bowl because I was anticipating being amused… I wasn’t.
    The best of the lot? The babies talking about E-trade.

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