The Next Logical Steps in Linking Technology to Our Cars

iPod connectivity, how quaint!

Between Ford’s SYNC, GM’s OnStar, and countless iPhone apps, technology in our cars is pretty dang impressive. We can speak commands to our radios, our cars can call an ambulance in an emergency, and our phones can even track zero-60 times. All pretty cool.

But it doesn’t go far enough.

Below are more features I want in my car… technology that (I think) is available now and would make driving even more seamless with the rest of my life.

What I don’t want is for my car to drive or park itself. I enjoy driving too much to ever give up control to a robot, but I’d sure appreciate conveniences such as these to make my experience behind the wheel even better:

First, there is no reason why my car shouldn’t have a built-in hard drive dedicated to storing my music. I know that already exists, but it should automatically sync with my computer when the car is parked in the garage at night. Why would I even need iPod connectivity in the car when my wireless network could automatically update my car’s music library every night?

Sometimes while traveling, I’ll arrive in a new city and panic, wondering if I left my doors unlocked or the headlights on in the airport parking garage. I want an e-mail from my car that says something like, “Hey, moron, in your hurry to catch the red-eye, you forgot to turn off my lights. But don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered. Just wanted to let you know that if it weren’t for me, you would have come home to a dead battery. Oh, and I locked my doors too.”

Tire pressure monitoring systems are great, but rather than just telling me that a tire is low, I want my car to use a built-in, lightweight air compressor and fill it back up to the appropriate pressure. I also want my car to keep the tires at optimum pressure based on the temperature and conditions outside.

I don’t think any of this is too much to ask. Don’t you think this stuff should be offered right now? Do you want more or less technology in the car you drive?


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  1. An automatic tire pressure system has some mechanical complications that would probably make it too expensive. Would you pay $1,000 for the option? However, the hard drive is a good idea, but you can do the same thing with solid state memory at a reasonable price. Also, with backdoor internet access (not available to the driver directly) the system could also automatically upload the latest map updates to your nav system based on where you are driving, or upload those new music lists from your home computer with minimal intervention on your part.

    Shucks, Uncle Sugar can also use it track your location and even listen to what’s going on inside the car with the hands-free microphone. When the cop arrives to bust you, it will kindly shut your engine down and the pre-crash system will tighten your seat belts and lock you into the seat so you can’t run. I guess they can even try and convict you right there and smoke you with the seat heater, and when everything cools off, just pluck up the whole car and bury it. Sorry ’bout that, I just got done watching the morning news and I guess I’m getting paranoid…..

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