BMW Vorsteiner VR-7: Beauty and the Beast

For the record, the Beast is the factory 7 Series, particularly the long-wheelbase version. The Beauty is the product of California performance tuner Vorsteiner, known for its carbon fiber and other enhancements, particularly to BMW cars.

The Vorsteiner VR-7 comprises an aero package of front spoiler and rear diffuser to give better downforce, improved stability, and “aggressive yet elegant” looks. The car pictured also includes a set of Vorsteiner 21” forged alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires and H&R suspension tweaks. The big question is: Why can’t the factory do this?

The 7 Series, given its size and weight (long version, right), is a rather magnificent engineering feat, in many ways outclassing competing Mercedes and Audis. But why do all of them have to look so, well, Germanic and stodgy? (We recently showed you a photo of the A8 Hybrid, like so many upscale German cars a victim of front-end massive-itis.)

Seeing that grille coming up behind you on the autobahn has got to be a strong “move over, dumbkopf” threat, I guess. Thus one assumes that the factory believes its customers like the over-emphasized, out-of-proportion look that characterizes its larger cars.

The big BMW has always looked weird to me, even in the earlier days before Chris Bangle got his hooks into the 7s. The newer cars seem to build on Bangle’s efforts, but in a kind of retro way.

But the Vorsteiner looks right, in terms of how its parts all seem to fit visually and its overall proportions. I haven’t seen anything like it from the many BMW tuners out there. Have you?

Do you agree or disagree that big German cars look too big and out of proportion up front? I sink vee should call zem ze Intimidators.


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  1. I think the 5 is more than enough car for me…I have no one to share my life with so i am thinking my next car will be a 535i X Drive with a manual tranmission…The 7 is just too big for my needs

  2. I’ve always liked how the 7 Series looks. It translates better on the big cars than on the smaller ones. I think the 1 Series looks a lot more awkward!

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