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Porsche Panamera Convertible

There’s lots of good news this week for fans of expensive, high-powered, and exotic cars!

It’s been an especially good week for connoisseurs of convertibles.

Here’s what we know:

Porsche conceptsThe good blokes at Autocar have managed to get their hands on patent drawings for the convertible Porsche Panamera. Now, one might assume that the convertible version would be a two-door, because a convertible with four doors is nearly impossible. Leave it to Porsche to find a way, though. If it can build a 78-mpg 500+-horsepower supercar, I guess it can build a four-door convertible, too.

Autocar says,

Bringing a four-door convertible to showrooms is a bold move that carries far higher development costs than a two-door open-top car. But with car makers seeking to establish unique selling points for all their models, it’s one that could provide Porsche with a valuable advantage.

Retaining a four-door layout allows the convertible to offer the same interior space as the saloon, although the boot is likely to be compromised by the need to accommodate the roof. The design of car’s rear end suggests the roof will be a fabric hood.

My first reaction: “Man, if you thought the sedan was ugly….”

Alfa Romeo 8C CompetizioneOn the other end of the visual spectrum, we have the gorgeous Alfa Romeo 4C, a potential younger brother to the superhot 8C Competizione. Leftlane says this of the 4C:

It remains unclear what platform the 4C will ride on, but the smaller sports car will retain most of the 8C’s sensual lines and rear-drive layout. The 4C is tipped to receive its power from a turbocharged four-cylinder, developing 250 horsepower.

Coupe and convertible models are said to be in the works, with total production expected to be capped at about 5,000. Reflecting that limited availability, expect a price tag of about $70,000.

For only four cylinders, $70K is a lot of coin to drop. Then again, you’d get a style like nothing else on the road. Even though Alfas aren’t officially sold in the States, we can only assume the 4C would be available here in limited quantities, because the 8C is. The car is expected to be shown at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach this August.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG RoadsterNow, if you’ve been aching for a Chrysler Crossfire but want to spend 10 times as much, I present you with a patent drawing of the Merdeces-Benz SLS AMG Roadster.

Okay, okay, I kid. But you have to admit the Crossfire does look similar if you squint. Sketches of how the roadster may look, reportedly German patent office filings, were obtained by Auto Bild and reported by Autoblog. I can’t say there’s anything surprising here, other than the fact that the roadster won’t have the gullwing doors featured on the coupe.

I bet Porsche could’ve figured out how to put gullwings on a roadster, though.

How’s that Panamera convertible looking to you? Would you rather have it or the Alfa Romeo 4C?


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  1. I’ll go with the Alfa any time. It actually appears that it might be a REAL CAR that people can drive, not one of these 500+ horsepower garage sitters that do donuts every time you try to press on the gas.

  2. The Alfas will be here, I will bet on it. Sergio has said as much, or hinted as much. The Panamera 4-door convertible will also come, as there are plenty of nouveau riche clowns out there who will want one. I don’t think the Crossfire looks much like the sketch of the SLS roadster, even with squinting. Remember that Crossfire was built on the M-B SLK platform and used the same engine, I think. A friend of mine had one and loved it.

    Finally, this post is a great tease, I think, since really none of these cars are “coming soon.” Or do you know something I don’t know, tgriffith?

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