Bugatti Galibier 16C May Live; Maybach Will Die

Bugatti 16C Galibier

VW-Bugatti is flooding the Web with photos of this quite incredible über-car, the Galibier—which suggests to some that they will likely produce it. The company filed for a trademark application late last year. For approximately $1.6 million, you get a machine constructed largely of carbon fiber and aluminum with a wood and leather interior, and indeed an engine comes with it:

Following the footsteps of the outrageous Veyron, the Galibier features a 16-cylinder motor in a W-configuration displacing a whopping 8.0 liters. And as if that wasn’t enough, engineers also slapped on dual two-stage superchargers—replacing the quad-turbocharger setup found on the Veyron. Official horsepower figures have not been disclosed, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a number approaching 1,000 hp.

Shown at Frankfurt last year and Geneva earlier this year, the car now appears in black (much better looking) with styling hints from great past Bugattis, like the Type 57 with its dorsal spine. The Veyron is nearing the end of its production run, and this car, with a rumored top speed of 220 mph, looks to be a worthy successor.

Long considered by some unworthy of the Mercedes name and heritage, Maybach is reportedly on the way out, though its cars will get a mild facelift this year. The car has never sold well; it’s little more than a fancified S-Class, which Mercedes now wants to push as its true flagship car.

Mercedes is pulling out all the stops to add techno-gizmos to its new S-Class cars (coming in 2014) that are truly outrageous.

The car’s interior controls are operated from a large monitor. However, this doesn’t require physical contact—instead, you run your fingers in front of a pad on the centre console. A camera then films your movements, which are translated into actions on the screen, allowing owners to open applications and zoom into maps simply by gesturing, rather than touching.

This thing is called the Human Machine Interface, and we can only hope it will one day go the way of the Maybach.

The Maybach, someone said, looks like a Lexus. The Galibier, I say, looks like nothing else. Will it find buyers, and who will they be?


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  1. a stunner,hope it has some of the characteristics that the Veyron boasts,but for a four door car i think it will be worth every penny.

  2. Oh man… that Bugatti is stunning. 1,000 horses, 220 mph and plenty of room for the family! Love the split hood up front.

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