New Cadillac XTS Coming

Cadillac XTS

Cadillac’s XTS Platinum concept, shown at Detroit last January and pictured here, will indeed be built, according to Motor Trend. It looks suitably gorgeous, very Cadillac-esque, if you will, and should give a boost to sagging sales of the STS and DTS, which it will replace.

The debut 2012 models will likely include (says MT) a plug-in hybrid derived not from the Volt, but from the Saturn Vue, with a 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 (350 hp total). A twin-turbo version of the 3.6 has also been mentioned along with, maybe, a small-block V8: lots of possibilities. What is clear is that there won’t be an extended-range EV: That idea went down the drain with the Converj.

It seems as though GM is lining up, or figuring out, possible configurations to go head to head with such German beasts as the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, the Benz S400 Hybrid and, dare we say it, the Audi A8 Hybrid. The Cadillac has a very posh interior that is, says AutoGuide, slightly smaller than these competitors. The car will also offer all-wheel drive, they tell us.

Cadillac XTS interiorWhile Cadillac seems to be weighing its drivetrain options, it has clearly put its chips down on the styling. The car (at least the Platinum concept) features frameless windows and a definitely softer look than the STS. The interior is also softer and warmer, with the instrument cluster’s “blossoming effect” curving out to meet the driver. Vertically stacked headlamps echo some Cadillac models of the ‘60s and ‘70s, as do the vertical taillights.

I think the styling works, and it’s very different from the German and Japanese cars the XTS will compete with. What’s your opinion? (See more pix here.)


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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Travis. I mean, even calling them the ABC and the DEF would be better. One reason manufacturers do this, I think, is that they have used up all the dopey names like “Challenger” and “Camaro” and can’t think what else to call their vehicles. How about the new Ford Blockbuster? Or the Chevy Attack Vehicle? Come on, guys, give us a break from the alphabet soup.

  2. The XTS is way hotter than the cars it’ll replace, though it’s still too “chunky” in my mind when compared to German and Japanese competition. And what’s with the names? Between Caddy’s STS,CTS,XTS,DTS and Lincoln’s MKT, MKX,MKZ and MKS, can anyone really tell the difference anymore based on name alone?

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