A Honda Element for Dogs; CR-Z Beats Sales Targets

Dog Friendly Honda Element

Pet lovers around the globe will be cheering the arrival of Honda’s new “Dog Friendly” (so called) Element. The car was always pet-friendly, and you have seen pictures, I’m sure, of the slab-sided transporter carrying cats, monkeys, and alligators. Now dogs get their turn, and Honda is making a sort of big deal out of it.

For about $1,000, you and your baby will get: a stowable ramp, pet bed and kennel, a spill-resistant water bowl, and an electric fan. Honda also throws in dog-pattern seat covers, pee-proof “dog-bone” embossed floor mats, a leash, collar, and three Dog Friendly emblems. Yes, there’s also a bag dispenser. Click here for the Fact Sheet.

Aside from pet comfort, which we know is paramount to Honda owners, the new package incorporates a restraint system for protecting the dog and preventing injuries (to the dog and to passengers). Ever been hit by a flying dog in an accident? It’s no fun, unless you’re going slow.

Humane societies, pet product makers, and dog lovers everywhere are rejoicing.

Honda CR-ZHonda is also rejoicing to report that sales figures for the new CR-Z are ten times what it expected for the first month on the Japanese market. Over 10,000 orders were received, nearly its full expectation for the year.

The CR-Z, you will remember, is the sporty, seemingly underpowered (122 hp) hybrid that many reviewers put down when the car was announced. Maybe it’s selling in Japan because they love all things Honda, or maybe because it gets great gas mileage (36/38 mpg with a continuously variable transmission) – who knows?

The car goes on sale in Europe and North America, so it will be interesting to see whether its appeal extends internationally. Honda’s goal for worldwide sales is 40-50,000 units.

Honda lovers: Assuming the price was appropriate, would you buy a CR-Z and, if so, why? What is the basic appeal of this car to you?


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  1. I’d rather wait for the Hyundai Veloster! Should have a more aggressive look and will have more power.

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