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2011 Bentley Continental GT

2011 Bentley Continental GT Coupe

I’ve been lambasted on this blog for calling out Bentley vehicles as ugly luxo-barges that look too much like Chryslers.

Granted, the Chrysler 300 came out long after Bentley ruled the streets of Beverley Hills, but the resemblance still drives me bonkers. I don’t have anything in particular against the cars themselves, but I’m sick of seeing them in every rich ZIP code in the country. I don’t think I’d even take one if it was given to me… I’d happily trade it in on a new Aston Martin Rapide.

Even with such a bias against the looks of Bentleys, I’m excited to report that an all-new 2011 Continental GT coupe is on the way. And it looks, dare I say, pretty darn good!

The face of the Continental GT looks like it has received a much-needed reworking. The front fenders, front bumper, and mirrors have been smoothed out. A full-length chrome strip accents the lower section of the car and wraps all the way to the rear bumper.

More good news for the big Bentley: According to a report by Automobile Magazine, the next Continental will be based on the Audi A8, rather than the Volkswagen Phaeton. The switch will help shed about 400 pounds and result in a shorter front overhang, a longer wheelbase, and a wider track. That all translates to an even more luxurious ride, better handling, and more interior space.

The new Continental GT should debut in early 2011 and cost around $200,000.

Hyundai VelosterOn the other end of the price range is another coupe launching in 2011: the 2012 Hyundai Veloster.

AutoExpress has caught some spy shots of the exciting little coupe that could be what everyone hoped the Honda CR-Z would be. If all goes to plan, the Veloster will be a FWD 2+2 coupe sold alongside the larger, RWD Genesis Coupe. Power should come from a 1.6-liter four cylinder with direct injection making 140 hp and achieving over 40 mpg. There’s also the possibility of a turbo version. Can you imagine? A small, fun, turbocharged competitor to the MAZDASPEED3?

No word on pricing, but we can bet it’ll fall easily into the “affordable” category.

Things are definitely looking good from coupe-ville!

If you had the choice between a Bentley or an Aston Martin, which would you choose? How about the Hyundai Veloster or Honda CR-Z?


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  1. Hyundai seesm to have a better marketing plan (and product than Honda). First, unlike Honda which stubbornly refused to offer an affordable entry level gasoline only version of the CR-Z for younger first time buyers (thereby losing out on this market), Hyundai will offer the base Veloster which is likely to offer the same or better performance (both in gas mileage and power) for thousands of dollars less, and offer a more usable back seat. In fact, for the discriminating buyer there would be little reason to choose the CR-Z over the Veloster. Again unlike Honda, Hyundai will offer a turbo charged version of the Veloster which will appeal to the car enthusiast who want a car that will actually have some power (170-200 hp versus the Honda’s anemic 123 hp). Honda would do well to pay more attention to what Hyundai is doing as Hyundai seems to be doing what I hoped Honda would do (just look at the new Sonata–it’s styling is light years ahead of the rather ackward looking accord styling and the ugly Acura shield grille).

  2. Given that the Cr-z is painfully slow (0-60 in 10.5 seconds) and will likely cost over $25,000, and according to one review would be …’a Mini or BMW 1 series would leave it for dead on twisting road”. I would think the Veloster would be better buy as the base model should undercut the CR-Z by thousands of dollars, get the same or better gas mileage and probably be as fast if not faster than the CR-Z. Assuming the turbo model of the Velster would be in the same price range as the CR-Z why would anyone even consider the sadly underpowered, slow CR-

  3. I’d definitely take an Aston Martin over a Bentley, mostly because of a certain James Bond. I haven’t seen and don’t know enough about the Veloster yet to know whether I’d take that over the CR-Z, but I do think Hyundai’s been building better cars than ever lately.

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