Is This the Best or Worst Used Car Ad Ever?

Used BMW ad

If the 1994 BMW 530i Touring in the video below was being advertised in an ad placed on Craigslist or CarGurus, the ad would probably look something like this:

1994 BMW 530i Touring. Very high mileage, mis-matched tires, leaky sunroof, useless spare tire, ripped leather upholstery, and a broken cigarette lighter. But it has Ultimate Power, Extreme Sound (except for a broken rear speaker) and a “secondary response system.” All for only $2,800!

I’m guessing that ad wouldn’t generate much response.

But turn the ad into a video starring a geeky teen who has the Michael Cera thing going on, and suddenly you’ve got over 30,000 views on YouTube and a virtually guaranteed sale.

Is the video below pure genius or a waste of 4 minutes?

Keep reading to see the video and let us know what you think….

While it’s good entertainment, and probably better than most of the dealer ads in my neck of the woods, I think I’ll stick with the more traditional and informative used car ads when shopping for a used vehicle.

I just have a few questions: Are videos like this the future of selling used cars? Why is the video narrated by the grandma? And what on earth is with that sign in the trunk?


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  1. You said it yourself: “it’s good entertainment and probably better than most of the dealer ads. . . .” It’s also informative and seemingly honest. I’ll bet the ad sells this guy’s car quickly, and that of course is what ads are supposed to do. Kudos to Grandma, despite her voice!

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