New BMW M6 Could Rival Audi R8

BMW Efficient Dynamics concept

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept

Do we really need another mid-engine V8 hyper car to join the fight against the mighty Audi R8?

Yes. Yes, we do.

According to Autocar, BMW just might take the M6 and turn it into a proper six-figure sports car, one that can run with the R8 and has the looks to push it into the near-exotic realm.

The current M6 is a fine car… I’d never say anything otherwise about a V10-powered, rear-wheel-drive, 500-horsepower coupe that costs over a hundred grand. But seriously, the 6 Series in general seems to play in the same field as the new 5 Series GT, which isn’t exactly serious sports-car territory. That leaves the current M6 out of place with few compelling reasons to pony up that kind of dough. But oh boy, could that change. Just look at what BMW has in mind for the new M6:

Remember BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics concept? It is pictured on top and powered by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbodiesel and twin electric motors good for 356 hp. Elements of this stunning concept just might be used in an all-new M6, except the diesel/electric powertrain would be dumped for a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. Now we’re talkin’!

Autocar says,

Using this engine will ensure the firm still offers a car with M6 levels of power and performance, but the inclusion of much of Vision ED’s eco-tech, as well as that car’s more daring styling, would allow the car to be marketed as a standalone model.

The Vision ED concept is about the size of the M3 coupe. That 4.4-liter V8 is from the fire-breathing M5. Anyone care to bury your right foot into that? With that engine and style combo, there would most certainly be a few compelling reasons for potential R8 buyers to make a stop at the BMW dealership first.

Let’s hope the rumors are true!

Does BMW need a competitor to the Audi R8, or is this the wrong time for such a fight? I say get in the ring and throw your best punch!


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