Chrysler to Replace (Finally) the Sebring

Chrysler Nassau concept

The Chrysler Sebring has for years been the brunt of countless jokes—about its tacky interior, wheezebox engine, tanky design, and more. Fiat-Chrysler finally cried “Enough!” and announced a replacement to be called the Nassau, which will launch late this year.

You can expect the car to be a makeover until a Fiat- or Alfa-based replacement comes in three years. The Nassau will borrow the name of the 2007 concept car shown above but, says MotorAuthority, won’t “have anything in common with the original concept car.”

Good. It looks too much like a made-over Sebring.

Chrysler 200C EV conceptAnother possible and better design source for the new car might be the Chrysler 200C EV Concept (right), shown in Detroit in January 2009. However, since the company abandoned the ENVI (EV) electric drive technology of the 200C, more likely is “a fuel efficient range of Multiair engines” and a dual-clutch transmission.

As we said, the Sebring was becoming an embarrassment. That is, if you were going to choose a new midsize sedan, which car would you pick: the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata,… or the Sebring? Mm-hmm.

Another possibility for the 2013 Sebring is to build it on the Lancia platform. The current Sebring shares its running gear and platform with the Dodge Avenger, and that, too, is getting replaced.

So Chrysler is at last heeding the call of diminishing market share, and it will be interesting to see what finally evolves for the Sebring, excuse me, Nassau.

We are all getting antsy waiting for new cars from Chrysler. Too much anticipation breeds criticism and even skepticism. Do you think the new Sebring has a chance to succeed?


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  1. Go for it…this will be indeed a wonderful transition of designs that will bring Chrysler back to the front of the pack again [design wise].

  2. @ randy
    Randy, they really don’t have anything to advertise . . . yet. You don’t spend money on good ads unless you have good product.

  3. Will Chrysler last the three years? Doubtful given their lack of new product and fleet of gas guzzlers. Even their advertising foreshadows doom and gloom with bland, colorless black and white or mindless drivel slogans. They did have a zippy minivan ad with some great music, but must have realized people liked it so they swapped out the great music for boring boring boring music. And here in Michigan, they don’t seem to realize the vast majority of customers DO NOT WORK FOR CHRYSLER, yet still persist advertising prices good only to Chrysler employees.

  4. I really like how the 200C looks… it would be great to have the replacement look like it. I’ll probably have to start thinking about replacing my 2004 PT Cruiser, and I would have no problem getting into something like the 200C. I wish they’d have continued with the PT Cruiser… I love my car and its versatility and comfort. Maybe they’ll come up with a freshened-up version of it in the future, maybe based on some Fiat platform.

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