The 10 Best Cars (and Trucks) Ford Ever Built

Late-model Ford Model T

What do we define as “best”? Vehicles that have achieved a real advance in terms of automotive engineering, design, capability, and/or public acceptance. Of course, we are always open to your comments, comebacks, challenges, etc.

Ford has built an extremely wide range of vehicles over its lifetime. While some have certainly bombed, the company has a pretty high success rate in terms of public appeal. And a number of its recent cars have set the pace for the competition.

More than 16,500,000 Model Ts, shown here, were built from 1908 to 1927. Called the Tin Lizzie, the T was America’s first affordable car and opened the country for travel. As Henry Ford said, “I will build a car for the great multitude.”

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Are American Automakers Finally Building the Best Quality Cars in the World?

Are American automakers best in the world?

When Americans are asked which country makes the best cars, the answer has long been Japan. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have enjoyed a stellar reputation for quality and longevity, but one survey suggests the U.S.A. has finally ended their reign.

Keep reading to find out if the survey was accurate, and vote on which country you think builds the best cars.

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The Alfas Are Coming!

Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider

We have written about Alfa Romeos in the past (here, for instance), but now we have it on authority from the boss that they are indeed coming to America, and in some numbers. Yesterday, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne spelled out a complex and ambitious product plan for Fiat-Chrysler over the next five years.

Within the next four, expect to see six new Alfa models, including the possible Pininfarina Spider shown above or the more likely version at right. Two crossovers will be built in Chrysler plants—a compact SUV built on the Giulietta platform in 2012, and a larger one à la Jeep’s Liberty (in 2014).

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Cars Coming Soon-> Six New Ferraris, an Entry-Level Maserati and a More Expensive FT-86

Ferrari model lineup

Ferrari's range should look much different in a few years!

I live for exciting auto news.

Ordinarily, news of one new Ferrari on the way is enough to send me scavenging for all the info I can get on it. News of six new Ferrari models seems almost too good to be true. Add in a Maserati that borders on “affordable” and some more info on Toyota’s FT-86 sports car, and you’ve got an auto news day made in car heaven.

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New Mercedes “Shooting Break” Concept Causes a Stir

Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept

First, they misspelled the name. Second, it’s not a shooting brake; it’s an estate wagon, or “estate,” or station wagon. Third, it’s a pretty slick-looking car—revolutionary, some might say.

Mercedes-Benz has never been shy about celebrating its “breakthroughs,” and this car is no exception. They made similar noises about the CLS “four-door coupe,” from which the Shooting Break is descended. The car is making its bow at Auto China 2010 in Beijing and, say the insiders, will most likely go into production.

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Will All Gasoline Engines Soon Have Turbo Power?

2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T

Remember the days when getting a turbo engine meant saving up for a Porsche or BMW?

That delightful boost of extra juice was a premium luxury option not available on the average commuter car.

But my oh my, how things change! As carmakers struggle for ways to increase fuel economy, turbos are becoming a viable option in nearly every class of car. And that is a very, very good thing.

Keep reading for a surprising look into what’s being turbocharged these days.

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Green Update–>Reserve Your Leaf, More on the Urban Future, the AMP Equinox EV

Nissan Leaf 2

Today is online reservation day for the Nissan Leaf (which probably should have been called the Nissan Guppy, because the front looks like a fish mouth). However… if you drop $99 (refundable) on one, you can join over 115,000 people who have expressed interest in driving and/or buying the car.

The website is; firm orders will be taken in August; deliveries will start in December. The car’s MSRP will be $32,780, but a number of federal and state credits can bring the price down to $25,280, and there are credits to offset the $2,200 charger cost and installation fee. You can lease the car for $349 a month.

Those who have driven it love it. You’ll get used to the front end.

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Five Hot Tips for Buying a Used Car Online

Flooded car

Deciding to buy a used car over a new one can be a satisfying, smart decision leading to many years of trouble-free ownership.

On the other hand, you could end up with a vehicle that once sat under water in New Orleans before making its way to your driveway.

If you are in the market for a used car, which result would you rather see? The difference between a smart buy and a regrettable one all comes down to a few simple tips anyone can use.

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Toyota Pays Record NHTSA Fine and Issues Sienna Recalls

2008 Toyota Sienna

Toyota agreed on Monday to cough up a record $16.4 million fine for delays in reporting problems with its accelerator pedals. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he was “pleased that Toyota has accepted responsibility for violating its legal obligations.” Pow!

Admitting no wrongdoing, the company could have contested the fine, but said it had “made a good faith effort to investigate this condition and develop an appropriate countermeasure.” It faces possible further fines by the NHTSA, as well as a flurry of consumer lawsuits, a criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York, even some rumblings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Toyota’s action in paying the fine was sort of like taking a sacrifice bunt in baseball: They needed to do it to get beyond the controversy and move the game ahead.

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2011 Mustang GT: Better Than the BMW M3?

The eagle-eyed folks at Jalopnik have noticed something that is sure to fire up loyal followers of BMWs and Mustangs everywhere.

Turns out Ford’s newest masterpiece, the 2011 Mustang GT, runs in a dead-heat tie with the Bavarian scream machine, the mighty M3.

Granted, potential buyers of the M3 are probably not test-driving the Mustang GT first, but with numbers this close, maybe they should.

Check it out:

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