More German Muscle: 2010 BMW M3 GTS Is Finally Announced


Not that this car can take on the Porsche tgriffith just previewed, but the M3 GTS will run with the very best of the club racers in Europe, the venue for which it was designed. And, of course, we in North America won’t get it.

The GTS is derived from the already-magnificent M3, which, in its latest edition, should satisfy most any relatively sane sports car nut. The present M3 is the best looking M3 we’ve seen, and if you add the $4,000 competition package, it will beat the pants off anything but a supercar. MSRP is a not-unreasonable $55,400-$67,050.

However, let’s do a brief comparison of the GTS (which costs roughly three times the M3’s price) and its parent.

The GTS was seen testing in November of last year, and buyers lined up immediately to snap up the 99 cars that will be produced. They were all sold. Finally, the cars are coming from the factory.

A few details follow. You can get the complete story and specs (in fractured English) here and a more accessible version here.

The GTS uses all the tricks of the trade to reduce weight (carbon fiber, etc.) to the tune of a curb weight 400 pounds less than the M3’s. Power is increased from 414 to 444 hp through various mods to the already-strong V8.

A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission will get you to 60 mph in less than 4.4 seconds; top speed is 190 mph. The M3 will get you there in 4.6 seconds and is limited to 155 mph. (How many of you have ever gone 155 mph in a car?)

On the skid pad, the GTS will win, of course, and in this video, shot at the Nürburgring, you will see its outstanding performance. At the end, there’s kind of a footnote about the new M3 with competition package. Without the garish orange, that car might even look better in your garage.

Would you agree: A good, used M3 is better than most comparable new sports cars?


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  1. M3’s are a wonderful balance of power, handling and braking. We kept a 2005 M3 at work for driver training and I’ve been lucky enough to spend many hours in it on the track. It’s simply the best engineered street vehicle I’ve ever driven. I’m itching for a test drive of the the current M3. Will anyone loan me one for a few months? I’ll wash it and fill it with gas before I give it back.

  2. Or a good used M5… you know, if a 5.0-liter V10 is your thing.

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