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Infiniti coupe sketches

Infiniti stunned the auto world with its Essence concept that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year. Now, Nissan’s luxury unit hopes to do it again by bringing two new M-based models to Pebble Beach this August.

Even better is that both models are set for production and could go on sale as early as this Fall. How’s that for quick-moving? Infiniti must have some serious confidence in these new machines if it’ll sell ’em just a couple months after their debut.

Perhaps that confidence is well-deserved, though, since one of those models could very well be an M coupe, while the other will be a more performance-oriented model.

Could that mean we’ll see the twin-turbo, direct-injected V6 from the Essence? Consider that Infiniti’s 450-horsepower tease.

Porsche, meanwhile, is getting right to the bottom line with its new 2011 Cayenne.

2011 Porsche CayenneAccording to its website, prices for the smartly redesigned SUV will begin at $46,700 for the 3.6-liter V6. The S model, powered by a 4.8-liter V8, will run the bill up to $63,700, while the new 3.0-liter, 333-horsepower hybrid V6 will ring the bell at $67,700. If you have to ask about the Turbo, you can’t afford its $104,800.

I’ve loved the Cayenne since it was released and nearly mortgaged away my retirement savings to get one, but better judgment (in the form of my wife) eventually prevailed. The 2011 model is even better looking, though, so I’m sensing another bout with my future financial security.

Buick ExcelleNow, if all cars were like the Buick Excelle, I wouldn’t be so tempted to flirt with heavy debt. The car pictured at right is the Chinese Excelle GT, but rumor has it that the same car, and the same 1.6-liter turbo four, will arrive in the States. We don’t know exactly when it’ll arrive, but we do know the Excelle name won’t be attached to it. Do I sense the return of the Century? Riveria? Oh man, I hope not….

Any predictions on those new Infiniti models? And if you’re one of the people who think the Cayenne is ugly, I demand to know why!


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