2010 Top Satisfaction Rating Goes to Suzuki Kizashi

2010 Suzuki Kizashi

The annual vehicle satisfaction study from California-based market-research firm AutoPacific places two new-for-2010 models at the top: the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi and the 2010 Lincoln MKT.

Believe it or not, the Kizashi won its midsize car category, but was also the highest rated of all 2010 vehicles in the 14th Annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, scoring 99 points above the industry average to place first overall.

“This is an amazing win for Suzuki,” said George Peterson, AutoPacific’s president, in the press release. “The Kizashi is Suzuki’s most important vehicle, and this performance in our research is exceptional.”

This is indeed good news for Suzuki, as the brand has been facing quality issues and low sales for years. The SX4, which debuted in 2007, was the first real sign of new life in the company, and now the Kizashi seems to have hit the ball out of the park. I’ve driven the new sedan and was incredibly impressed by it, and have yet to read a negative review.

AutoPacific rates vehicles in 48 different categories relating to various areas of the ownership experience, and overall results are based on the firm’s polling of over 42,000 new-vehicle owners during the first few months of ownership.

The 2010 Lincoln MKT was the highest-rated vehicle among trucks and SUVs.

Other models that ranked at the top of their segments include the Chevy Camaro, Porsche 911, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Volkswagen GTI, and Ford F-150.

So the Camaro is apparently more satisfying than the Mustang, and the Milan Hybrid is more satisfying than the Prius. Any objections?


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  1. Hyundai has also emerged as a creator of great vehicles. It’s very interesting to watch companies like Suzuki and Hyundai emerge as strong competitors to the likes of Nissan, Honda and Toyota. It’s also interesting to watch the turnaround Ford has made with their product.

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