Transformers 3: Megan Fox Out, Ferrari 458 Italia In?

Megan Fox in Transformers

Remember when you first saw Megan Fox leaning over the engine bay of her car in the first “Transformers” movie?

That movie was her passport to instant fame, which she rode, well… straight into the “Transformers” sequel. Now, though, the gossip all over says Miss Fox won’t appear at all in the upcoming “Transformers 3,” which is about to begin shooting.

Most blogs I’m reading are pretty torn up about this little fact, even wondering if people will bother seeing the movie if their favorite little starlet isn’t it. I, on the other hand, am just fine with Fox moving on and leaving room for another unknown little hottie to take her place.

Even if that hottie comes in the form of an exotic Italian supercar.

Ferrari 458 ItaliaAccording to “Transformers” director Michael Bay (a source I think can be trusted on such matters), the newest Autobot to join the fight against the Decepticons is a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Since it’ll be an Autobot, we will likely see a lot of the 458 in the third installment, unlike the small cameo we saw of the Audi R8 in the second film. It should also be interesting to see what kind of robot it transforms itself into – I’m hoping for an Italian mafioso look and personality! Regardless, the 458 is bound to make the movie a ton of fun, even if it’s as horribly written as the second film.

My only hope is that the film version of the Ferrari will resist battle damage a lot better than the real car. Who wants to look at a beat-up 458 Italia? If you do, you’re in luck, I guess, because the folks over at WreckedExotics have photos of the first wrecked one, which for my money is a lot harder to take than a “Transformers” movie without Megan Fox.

What do you think: Is a Ferrari Autobot enough to get you into a theater to see “Transformers 3”?


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