Jaguar F-Type: A Cat to Fight the Audi R8?

Jaguar F-Type concept

Jaguar F-Type concept

The true meaning of Memorial Day is to reflect on the people who gave their lives in defense of freedom in the United States. For that, our country is eternally grateful to all who have served, and currently serve, in the military.

Americans typically celebrate this freedom by marking the arrival of summer with barbeques, pie, and road trips. In my humble opinion, if you’re going to eat pie, it should be made from apples, and if you’re going to take a road trip, you should do it in a convertible.

Soon, there will be an all-new roadster to consider for future Memorial Day Weekend trips: the reportedly green-lighted Jaguar F-Type.

Now that Tata Motors is firmly in control of Jaguar, and investing about $1.5 billion per year over the next five years in the company, the time is right to expand the British cat’s model range.

In talking with Auto Express, Jaguar Land Rover boss Carl-Peter Forster has reportedly confirmed that a few new models are in development, including the F-Type sports car, which was first shown in concept form back in 1998 as the XK180. Of course, a newly designed car may not look anything like the concept pictured above, and that’s just fine with me (check out the side mirrors).

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors about F-Type production, and some are saying the new sporty Jag will compete with the likes of the Porsche 911 or Audi R8. That’s certainly a high bar to jump over, but with the success of the new XF and XJ, it’s definitely possible and downright exciting (though I would have hoped the F-Type might go down-market to give people like a me some hope of owning one someday).

Regardless of where the F-Type gets priced, what it will ultimately be called, and what it’s competition will be, it’s nice to see Jaguar succeeding and getting back to its sports-car roots. It should make future road trips all the more exciting!

Happy Memorial Day. Be sure to take a moment to thank a veteran and remember a fallen soldier.


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  1. @ randy
    I wanted to acknowledge the meaning of the day and of the long weekend, and that was my way of doing it. Unfortunately, I think most people in this country will just use the holiday as an excuse to consume extra calories, but if I can inspire someone to take pause and reflect while doing my job of writing about cars, I will.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend Randy, I always appreciate and look forward to your thoughts.

  2. Can’t you come up with a better lead-in than that? Memorial day stands on it’s own and the sacrifices our service people have made shouldn’t be used to shill for products, especially foreign-made ones.

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