Camaro Leads Mustang in Sales… For Now

New Chevrolet Camaro

I was behind a new Camaro in traffic the other day, and a major realization hit me as I stared at its tail end while waiting for the light to turn green.

“That is not an attractive car,” I found myself repeating.

The novelty of the car’s angular design is quickly wearing off. The lines on the new Camaro looked great when first introduced, but the shape is getting old really quick. It looks like a cartoon character in a Japanese anime movie: squashed in some places, elongated in others, and flashing a really awkward grin.

Sitting behind the Camaro, I began to wonder how long it could possibly hold its sales lead on the Ford Mustang, especially now that Ford is advertising and beginning to ship the 2011 ‘Stang.

So far this year, Chevy has sold 29,907 Camaros to Ford’s 20,836 Mustangs. The last time the Camaro beat the Mustang in annual sales was in 1985. (Can’t blame Camaro buyers there!)

The 2011 Mustang is vastly superior to the 2010 version, and I would bet that the extreme looks of the Camaro are going to start working against it. I predict that the Mustang will come from behind and soundly beat the Camaro in sales this year.

The performance of the two cars is nearly a dead heat, though the Ford currently owns a slight advantage. I’m basing my thoughts here on looks alone, because we all know Chevy will make tweaks to retake the horsepower crown.

Mustang print advertisementFord hopes to boost its sales numbers by heavily advertising the performance of the new Mustang. For the last month, the company has been running a Mustang TV ad for the first time since 2006. The spot emphasizes the 305 horsepower and 31 highway miles per gallon achieved by the V6. Also, according to Autoweek,

In June, Ford begins a print campaign that will push the V8 engine in enthusiast magazines and promote the V6 in lifestyle magazines. Ford also will use social media to promote appearances at events this fall.

Simply put, the Mustang has the performance and a classic look that simply won’t go out of style. The Camaro’s design, I think, already has.

Can the Mustang pull out a sales victory over the Camaro this year? Which would you buy based on looks alone?


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  1. and the interior in the camaro is incredibly tacky and the visibility is terrible. the mustangs on the other hand almost compares to a bmw interior and the visibility is excellent. oh and the new 6 speed manual in the mustang is supposed to be excellent. u have to be a really loyal bowtie fan to buy a camaro.

  2. but the camaro is no where near as distorted as the mustang. the mustang still looks like a car the camaro looks like it was started in a car compresser the roof line is way to low the middle line for the car is to high and it is what 5 to 6 houndred pounds heavier even if they do take the horse power crown because they dont know how to test their engines right the first time. the mustang is more nibble and is the better sports car over all that is what is going to give the stang the edge which is why it will out sell the camaro

  3. The mustang wont. The Camaro was just brought back and I find it looks alot better then the mustang. U said the camaro looks like a cartoon character in a Japanese Anime movie… Have u looked at the mustang? Its the same sorta thing. If u compare the New 2011 mustang to the 1985 mustang its looks like something out of a japanese movie.

    But thats what the people want and thats want Chevy and Ford are giving them.

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