Sorry, Too Late, the Lexus LFA Is Sold Out *UPDATED

Lexus LFA

We know how frustrating it can be to miss out on a real bargain. And you had the spot ready for the Lexus LFA in your six-car garage, with reservations made on the private road course to exercise its 202-mph top speed.

Well, you missed it, Jack, because all 500 copies of the $375,000 supercar are now not only spoken for (Lexus demanded buyers put down $125,715 just to get on the list), but sold.

One buyer compared his LFA purchase to owning a rare expensive mechanical wristwatch. “To most people, it’s an unknown quantity,” he said. “But true aficionados know its value.”

To understand the snob appeal of this car, watch this totally absurd commercial as the breathless narrator exclaims, “This is the pursuit of the impossible.”

Had you been in that most-favored group of buyers, you would have agreed to lease the car for two years (a factory strategy to keep speculators from jacking up the price), then buy it (or not) at the end of the term. No matter, apparently the Germans were especially keen on this car, with one-third of the European orders coming from Deutschland.

Perhaps to cater to them, Lexus has announced a “Nürburgring Package,” available to only 50 buyers at an extra cost of £55,000 ($80,400 US), which will tweak the car even further (spoiler, suspension mods, track tires, 10 more hp, etc.), plus provide driving instruction at the Nürburgring with your own private instructor, a season pass for unlimited laps… and a parking space! Why, the latter alone is almost worth the price.

Want matte black paint? Tack on another £15,000 ($22,000 US).

All right, let’s not be too hard on the favored few who, after all, are getting what promises to be a truly exceptional car: Its 552-hp V10 power takes you to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds—in Lexus comfort and style. We recounted the LFA’s specs months ago, somewhat breathlessly, and they are very strong.

Just so everyone understands: I was the 502nd buyer who called in an order.

If you had the bread, would you be a buyer? Why, or why not?

*UPDATE: All you frustrated LFA buyers in the U.S. will now be salivating: Toyota Motor Sales USA “has received an extra allocation” of cars for U.S. buyers. So says Autoweek today. How many we don’t know, but the breaking-glass ad clearly is working—or somebody’s chumming the water to get more sales.


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  1. late yet again for another bargain.

    The build quality of this car is way beyond the last “real” supercar, the Mclaren F1. The carbon fibre in the F1 were just pieces bonded together whereas the LFA are woven to the correct shape!!!

    This will be one of the very few exotic supercars that will appreciate with age. The Enzo, F1 are a couple of recent examples. Then you have the classics. Look at that last toyota 2000gt.

    The modern lambo’s, ferrari and the bugatti just don’t have the same exclusivity. and the Koeniggseggeggegg… too low tech like an american hot rod. Sorry.

  2. I like the LFA more every time I see it. I’d buy two if I had the $$$!

  3. Its numbers are impressive, but a lot of those small ventilation scoops look totally tacked-on. No way would I buy an LFA, even if I did have the $$$.

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