MINI Goes a Tiny Bit Crazy, Challenges Porsche 911 Carrera S to a Race!

MINI vs. Porsche poster

For reasons we’ll talk about in a moment, MINI appears to have lost its tiny little mind by challenging the Porsche 911 Carrera S to a duel with the Cooper S. A race to the finish. An epic challenge with the highest of stakes (a couple of good parking spots, apparently).

The challenge is playing out on MINI’s Facebook page, with all kinds of taunts and jeers for the race, which is scheduled to happen on Monday, June 21. Here’s an example:

Dear Porsche,
You’ve got a pedigree. A cachet. And lots of owners with pastel sweaters draped over their shoulders. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Your legendary handling and performance might make some speechless, but we’re not intimidated. Because we’re tired of Porsche always getting the best valet spots, right out in front of the restaurant. And we want to race you for them. That’s right. Porsche against MINI. Mano a mano. For the whole world to see. So, come on, it’ll be fun. After all, rumor has it you’ve got some muscle under that fancy sheet metal. Why don’t you come out and flex it?
See you there,

Of course the real motive beyond a challenge like this is to get bloggers like me talking about it and linking back to MINI’s page. That’s OK, I get that and actually think this a well executed social media ad campaign.

If there is an actual race, with no surprises popping up geared towards giving the MINI Cooper an unfair advantage, the people at MINI surely know they’ll get blown out of the water by Porsche. But the marketing exposure created by the build-up to the race will be worth it.

So here are the specs of both contenders, then we’ll just wait and see if this whole thing really goes down.

Porsche 911 Carrera S: 385-horsepower, 3.8-liter flat six-cylinder rear-mounted engine, capable of 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 188 miles per hour.

MINI Cooper S: 172-horsepower turbocharged front-mounted inline four-cylinder engine, capable of 0-60 in 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 139 miles per hour.

Unless MINI has a tiny little trick up its tiny little sleeve, the Cooper’s gonna get whooped!

What could MINI do to make sure the Cooper beats the 911?


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  1. Or just position a barrier of sorts (vehicles, tires, what have you) on the track with an opening just wide enough for the Mini to squeeze through, leaving the Porsche high and dry on the tarmac.

  2. the mini can beat the mighty 911 only on a track where the 911 cannot unleash all its 385 horses,,, a closed narrow track with full of twists and turns,, or even in a track with 70% dirt and 30″% tarmac,,of cousre with twists and turn,,
    or in a WRC rally finland track,,,,,

  3. Simple…..
    The target parking space is between two SUV’s with Hockey and Scoccer stickers on the back windows. No Porsche in their right mind is going to park there.
    ….. and only posers in 911’s are stupid enough to turn over the keys to a Valet. I’ll gladly park in front ( but I keep my keys).

  4. I suppose the fine print could say that the race is an autocross on the worlds smallest track or even something non sporting like who can parallel park in a spot that is too small for the 911. As a non-sweater wearing Porsche 914 owner, I still find it a pretty funny marketing trick.

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