MINI Will Race Porsche, But Hyundai Wants in on the Action *UPDATED WITH RESULTS

MINI vs. Porsche

Today is the day!

The epic battle between the heavyweight champ and the featherweight underdog, Porsche vs. MINI, is set to happen tonight at 7 pm in Atlanta.

The invitation went out, the hype was built, the date was set.

At first Porsche said no, opting not to race a 911 Carrera S against a Cooper S, even with a 385 to 172 horsepower advantage.

MINI, using its Facebook page, upped its trash talk and continued to taunt Porsche. But then another player jumped in and changed the game altogether. Suddenly MINI was the one being challenged at its own game, by none other than the scrappy but determined Hyundai.

In a smack-talkin’ video directed at MINI, Hyundai said it is more than willing to bring the Genesis Coupe to Road Atlanta next month.

Maybe Porsche didn’t like another contender coming in and trying to take the glory. Or maybe MINI just got a 911 of its own to race. Whatever the circumstances, MINI and Porsche will race!

Things are a little more interesting for MINI now, though. Losing to a Porsche has a certain marketing cache, but what will it do about Hyundai’s invitation? Losing a race to a Hyundai wouldn’t be quite so prestigious, but the funny thing is, MINI can’t really decline. It can’t beg another carmaker to accept an informal challenge from an “inferior car” and then go do the same to Hyundai.

A race against a Porsche is a win-win for MINI. By racing Hyundai, MINI will have everything to lose.

MINI’s little viral marketing campaign has taken quite the fascinating turn, making for some seriously fun fodder for us car enthusiasts.

Who knows, maybe next month we’ll have a mighty three-way shakedown… Porsche vs. MINI vs. Hyundai. For now, though, let’s get racing!

Can a MINI Cooper beat a Porsche 911 at Road Atlanta? What about the Hyundai Genesis? We’ll update this post with race results!

*UPDATE: The race, I think, turned out as an overly hyped, completely contrived event set up so MINI had the best shot to win. Rather than taking place on Road Atlanta, it happened on an autocross-type course set up at Road Atlanta’s infield. The short, twisting course was obviously designed to limit the Porsche 911’s blistering straight-line acceleration. But even with the advantage, MINI lost by about 2 seconds. All the entertaining videos are available on MINI’s Facebook page.

Although the race was disappointing, I think the marketing behind it deserves an A+!


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  1. Nice to see Hyundai getting in on the action, which is definitely more about marketing than car racing. It’ll be interesting to see what MINI posts from tonight’s event on Facebook and what sort of mileage that stuff will get.

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