Two Chevelles Top Out the B-J Orange County Auction

1970 Chevy Chevelle LS6

Earlier this month we told you about the Barrett-Jackson car auction to be held in Orange County this past weekend. In case you missed it, about 60,000 others didn’t, and local bloggers pumped up the Internet with stories of how much money was being made.

The auction produced no really spectacular sales, nothing comparable to the $5 million paid for Carroll Shelby’s 427 “Supersnake” Cobra in 2007 (video here). But two beautiful 1970 Chevelles brought over $250,000 each, showing the value that good muscle cars still bring.

At $253,000, including buyer’s fee, the blue 454-cubic-inch V8 convertible, shown above, represented the auction’s top price. The car is a complete frame-off restoration of what the catalog called “arguably the pinnacle of the muscle car heap,” and as such is very rare.

1970 Chevelle charity winnerThe other ’70 Chevelle, sold at $250,000 (B-J waived its fee), benefited the Armed Forces Foundation, supporting the families of injured vets. This is “one badass Chevelle,” according to Autoblog, featuring an intercooled supercharged LSA engine and many other mods.

ThunderfliteWhat else was there at the auction? Everything and anything automotive (except the really high-ticket collector cars). Dino Arnold’s fanciful rendering of a 1961 T-bird, called Thunderflite, was there. But it brought only $77,000.

Gold PanteraThere were, as always, nutty cars like this gold-trimmed De Tomaso Pantera (below right), and custom Caddies1959 Cadillac Eldorado, like the ’59 Eldorado with inflated fins (below right). B-J brings ’em out of the woodwork.

The consensus of the stories I read was that “For every numbers-matching LS6 ’70 Chevelle SS convertible, there were ten daily-driver VW Beetles.” But you could always find beauties like this ’51 Mercury hardtop coupe (bottom right).

1951 Mercury hardtop coupeThese kinds of auctions get everyone into the game, and that is a good thing. Not all of us are in the market for (or are interested in) an SSK Mercedes.

Have you ever bought or sold a car at auction? We’d like to hear about that!


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  1. I’ve never been to a car auction, but that Pantera is nuts. Why hide all that gold under a rear deck you can’t see through? Those Chevelles look great, though.

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