Ugliness Triumphs Despite Victoria Beckham: Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

A few days ago the compact squashed-back crossover based on the Land Rover LRX concept finally made its debut in one of the phoniest ceremonies we’ve seen yet. Check out the video after the break.

It’s called the Range Rover Evoque, and Land Rover is saying precious little about specs, engines, etc. other than it will have four-wheel drive and will be “the smallest, lightest, and most fuel-efficient Range Rover model ever.” The press release is here.

But the big news, guys, is that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been appointed Creative Design Executive. She tells you how “incredibly excited” she is in the video; and we are incredibly curious as to her further role in the project.

The official debut of the Evoque will come at the 2010 Paris Motor Show (October), and by fall of 2011 the car will arrive in North America. So we have a while to wait before further details are released. One seemingly authoritative report sets a low-end price of around $50,000 and suggests that power may come from a diesel V8.

Despite its looks, we predict the car will sell—mostly to younger, affluent, status-conscious buyers. But it is not really a good time to put another “fuel-efficient” SUV on the market. And let’s not forget that the British government is investing some £27 million to help create a plant to produce this beauty. Good luck, chaps.

When I first wrote about the LRX concept over a year ago and said some harsh things about its appearance, the piece generated many comments, virtually all of which defended the design and praised it!

So what do I know? Director of Design Gerry McGovern said, “This car makes a powerful statement of the Range Rover’s brand intent to appeal to a wider audience.” Chris Marchand, another LR exec, followed on: “This is an incredibly important expansion of the Range Rover brand in this market.”

All these folks, including Victoria, seem incredibly attached to the word “incredibly.” I guess with enough hype you can sell the car world on anything.

Are you eagerly awaiting the debut of the Evoque in Paris? Or could you care less?


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  1. If that new LR goes for $50K and up, there might be a few well-off image-conscious couples who buy it, but I can’t imagine it offers much in the way of utility, especially when it comes to hauling kids and the stuff that goes with them. That sloping roofline no doubt takes away valuable cubic feet of storage space. I do like the look, but I wonder how many people it will be practical for.

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