Best Cars to Take to the Shore (Jersey or Elsewhere)

So here’s The Situation: Summer has finally arrived, coming on stronger than Mike Sorrentino’s over-inflated ego.

As every corner of the country bakes in near-triple-digit temperatures, air conditioners struggle to keep up, and people look for reprieve from the sun’s relentless onslaught of super-heated rays.

Whether you live near the Jersey Shore, in California or anywhere in between, one of the best places to escape the heat (or at least enjoy it) is at the beach. Residents near the Gulf of Mexico may need to drive north, but wherever you go, don’t make the trip in the wrong car or you’ll hurt your image as much as oil hurts your beaches.

What are the best cars for your beach escape? Keep reading to find out!

Ford Flex

The Flex certainly looks like a beach-going party on wheels, especially with a surfboard or two strapped to the top. Add in the capability to haul along six of your friends while keeping a bevy of beverages cold in the built-in fridge and you’ve got the perfect beach-mobile.

Jeep Wrangler

Few vehicles are trusted more to provide reliable city-to-beach service than the Wrangler. Show up in one of these and you’ll look like a local, no matter where you go!

Land Rover Freelander

A cheap, capable beach cruiser is essential, and the Freelander LR3 is a great alternative to the mainstream Wrangler. Just don’t drive in the soft wet stuff.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Enjoy an FJ Cruiser on the sand dunes. It’s like a beach roller coaster on waves of sand!

Honda Element

There aren’t any real luxury vehicles on this list, because leather and sand typically aren’t a good match. The Element might qualify as the exact opposite of luxury, since all interior beach residue can be washed out with a garden hose. Perfect!

Nissan Titan

Should your beach excursion require a large load and a travel trailer, the Titan is your best pickup option. A non-slip bed surface, adjustable tie-downs and a lighted tailgate area make it easy to secure your load, while the mighty V8 and four-wheel drive will ensure your crew stays safe and sound.

MINI Beachcomber

The Beachcomber is just a concept for now, but sometime in the future you might find yourself loading up this dune-buggy-inspired roofless beach monger for a day of sun and surf. With all-wheel drive and seats covered in wet-suit material, it’s the perfect beach rig that nobody can buy.

What’s your favorite vehicle to take to the beach?


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