Ford Goes Full-Bore Promoting 2011 Fiesta

2011 Ford Fiesta with sticker overwrap

One of the many videos (most are pretty funny) promoting the new-to-the-U.S. Ford Fiesta features a rent-a-zombie who chases two people to their locked cars (a Yaris and a Fit) with predictable results. The Fiesta driver, using keyless entry, gets away.

We’ll show you two more videos after the break. They are part of an extensive promotional campaign, described in some detail here, probably the biggest Ford has ever produced for a car. Ford’s digital communications guy, Scott Monty, gives still more detail about “humanizing Ford Motor Company” here.

In summary, the company has created: massive ad campaigns (print, broadcast, and digital); the Fiesta Movement (getting people behind the wheel, recording their impressions on YouTube); recruitment of 35,000 test-drivers; and a big social media campaign (including a forum called the Fiesta Faction).

You can even get giant stickers, waterproof vinyl “wraps” for the car (as shown above).

There has been more hoopla about this car than any I can remember. So it’s likely going to be a success. And yet, not even Ford can eliminate all the variables. The latest was a 10-day-to-2-week delay in the car’s delivery, caused by Hurricane Alex tearing up railroad tracks in Mexico, where the Ford plant is located.

And, while most reviewers like the car, amigo Alex Taylor had his quibbles. Mainly, they concerned the really dreadful instrument panel in the car and its lack of power. The engine is a 1.6-liter four cylinder, which gets the car to 60 mph in 9.5 seconds and is purported to get 40 mpg highway.

Clearly a tradeoff was made to get that kind of economy. And I suppose most people will go for that, since the car offers so many other (some would say extraneous) features. Anyway, we wish it success. The Fiesta has a lot going for it, as you’ll see in these videos.

Would lack of power and engine performance keep you from buying a car like this?


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  1. Yeah, Ford is pulling out all the stops to get people to think about the Fiesta. The breakdance battle kind of reminds me of the corny 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial where the girl in the passenger seat was poppin’ and lockin’ to house music (there’s a hilarious Chappelle’s Show skit based on that!). The car looks good, and the mileage sounds great… but the over promotion and the reported lack of power is definitely a bit of a turn-off. Maybe it’s with people like me in mind that Ford launched the Fiesta Rally Experience, which should demonstrate the power a Fiesta (probably when modified) could offer. I haven’t participated in the program, but it sounds like the type of promotion I can appreciate.

  2. I’ve been selling this car for nearly two years and it is still the best car out there, it drives like a bigger car and handles really well, it looks good too plus has loads of nice new technology inside..

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